Health Food So Good You'll Want Seconds
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Health Food So Good You'll Want Seconds

Try this trick to eat healthier while satisfying your cravings.

It's a reality: Not all of us love the super-healthy stuff. The trick to eating whole grains, healthy fats, and less sugar while still enjoying every bite? Make a 50/50 mix of the food you crave and its better-for-you version, says Bonnie Taub-Dix, RD, a nutrition consultant in New York City. Cheat and win with these three blends:

White and whole wheat pasta

Pick the same shape of noodle so that they'll cook for the same amount of time -- and in just one pot.
The payoff: nearly twice as much fiber (about 2g more) per serving.

Sugary and low-sugar cereal

Combine the two boxes in a large bowl, then return the mix to the boxes.
The payoff: depending on the cereals, approximately 2 teaspoons less sugar (8g) per serving.

Ground beef and ground chicken or turkey

A half-and-half burger will have plenty of flavor.
The payoff: 4.4g (if you use chicken) and 2.4g (if you use turkey) less saturated fat per serving.

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, November 2006.