"I'm Down to the Last 4 Pounds!"
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"I'm Down to the Last 4 Pounds!"

In month five of the FITNESS makeover, Lisa Renwick is four pounds from her goal weight. Can she stick to her program as the holidays arrive?

Obstacle in the Home Stretch

Six months ago, Lisa Renwick, 37, was 20 pounds over her ideal weight and exercise-phobic. Now she's only four pounds away from reaching her fitness goal. But with Thanksgiving dinner fast approaching -- and the return of some of her lingering health issues -- can she continue to stay on track? Here's her plan:

"I'm doing all-new workouts!"

"My trainer, Leslie Rice Hart, suggested that I try Pilates classes. I knew nothing about it when I went in. When I saw that scary-looking equipment, I was a little intimidated. But my Pilates instructor explained how the Reformer and Tower machines work and walked me through the exercises. I've been going once a week, and I can see and feel the difference all over, especially in my core muscles.

"But I can't lie; I've been slacking off on my cardio. Thankfully, Leslie developed an interval-training program so I can do cardio and strength-training in the same workout. It varies depending on how I feel, but they usually go something like this: Start with five minutes on a stationary bike at various speeds, followed by a series of lunges. Next I'm on to a StepMill for three to five minutes, and then back on the floor for some oblique exercises. We continue like that, switching cardio and strength moves, for an hour. I've been doing the intervals twice a week, and I'll squeeze in a separate cardio workout, usually on the StepMill, on the weekend."

"I will resist holiday pig-outs!"
Lisa Renwick start
Lisa's "Before" Photo

"We're going to have Thanksgiving dinner with my side of the family this year. We're big eaters, and there will be 40 people and 10 different appetizers -- including egg rolls (those I cannot resist) -- before we even get to the turkey. But I talked with Cindy Sherwin, RD, my nutritionist, and we've come up with a plan: I'll bring a veggie dish and a fruit salad so I'll have something to eat that's healthier. And I love black-and-white cookies, so if I can find a way to make a light version, I'll bring those, too."

Lisa's Latest Stats

Start Now
Weight 150 lb 134 lb.
Body fat 31.5% 24.5%
Chest 40"


Arm 11.5" 10.75"
Abs 34.75" 31.25"
Hips 41.5"


Thigh 21.5"


Clothing Size 12 8
Left to Lose 20 lb. 4 lb.


My Goals This Month

  • Break the soda habit -- drink water instead.
  • Continue to reinforce my good habits until they become second nature.
  • Work on making over my life as well as my body -- especially finding a balance between my career and my personal life.
  • Find time for cardio workouts that really blast calories, like a treadmill or stationary bike.
  • Bring a healthy dish to the Thanksgiving feast.

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, November 2006.