Tapioca Pudding: Kozy Shack vs. Swiss Miss
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Tapioca Pudding: Kozy Shack vs. Swiss Miss

Craving tapioca pudding? Hungry Girl tells you which brand to pick for the best diet-friendly taste.

Bite It: Kozy Shack's No Sugar Added Tapioca Pudding

Kozy Shack's No Sugar Added puddings ROCK! And their tapioca is the best of the bunch. It's one of the less popular puddings, probably because it contains little starchy balls of tapioca (they're WAY more appealing than they sound). We're here to remind you, though, that tapioca pudding is definitely underrated. And Kozy Shack's decadent, creamy, delicious version contains just 90 calories per 1/2 cup serving. This perfect pudding is made with Splenda, so it's great for people watching their sugar intake, and with just 11g of carbs per serving, it's ideal for carb-watchers as well (if there are still any floating around out there). It also manages to cram FOUR grams of fiber into each serving, which is mighty impressive. Vanilla pudding + pearls of tapioca + fiber = a good time for everyone!

Calories: 90
Fat: 3g
Sodium: 140mg
Carbs: 11g
Fiber: 4g
Sugars: 5g
Protein: 3g

* 1 Point

Fight It: Swiss Miss Tapioca Pudding

Tapioca has long been considered a healthy food because, as a starch, it is easy to digest. In fact, in the 19th century it was often used as a medicine (don't ask us for what, we're just quoting Wikipedia). Despite the fact that people were using this stuff to help heal, in reality it is (and always has been) more of a dessert. And if you're gonna splurge and have some pudding for dessert, why not enjoy one that's lower in calories, sugar, and carbs -- and higher in fiber? Send this Swiss Miss on her merry little way and snuggle up to Kozy Shack's version instead.

Calories: 140
Fat: 3.5g
Sodium: 170mg
Carbs: 25g
Fiber: 0g
Sugars: 18g
Protein: 2g

* 3 Points


Originally published on Hungry-Girl.com; reprinted on FitnessMagazine.com with permission.