Gerber Fruit Puffs vs. Banana Chips
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Gerber Fruit Puffs vs. Banana Chips

Looking for a healthy dried fruit snack? Hungry Girl compares Gerber Fruit Puffs with Dried Banana Chips to find the most diet-friendly snack.

Bite It: Gerber Fruit Puffs

We love food a lot. Because of this, we will often do things that others (who don't love food as much as we do) may consider embarrassing or weird. Today's "Bite It" is a perfect example of this. After being tipped off about Gerber Fruit Puffs for toddlers (by subscribers who actually have toddlers), we decided to give 'em a chew, and much to our surprise and delight, we dig 'em. A lot. Like a cross between banana chips and banana cereal, these little puffs are sooo light and airy you know you're eating something that's really low in calories, yet it's crunchy and satisfying enough to be a great snack. And these things have soooo much banana flavor that they'll without a doubt satisfy any urges you have for banana chips. Pop 'em straight or use 'em as a topping for yogurt (frozen or otherwise). Oh, and you get 80 (yes, 80!) of these puffy little critters per serving. Woohoo!

Serving Size: 80 pieces
Calories: 25
Fat: 0g
Sodium: 0mg
Carbs: 6g
Fiber: 0g
Sugars: 1g
Protein: 0g

* 0.5 Points!

Fight It: Banana Chips

Banana chips are dehydrated, deep-fried slices of banana covered in sugar. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It goes down like this; some human or machine sucks the moisture out of our poor, defenseless yellow friends, covers them in sugar or a sugary substance, and then drenches 'em in extremely hot oil. In case there's still any confusion out there, these are NOT good for you. And it seems like such a horrible, mean thing to do to a perfectly healthy and potassium-packed fruit, yet it's done all the time. Do your part to stamp out this banana abuse. Avoid banana chips at all costs (BTW: We DO know about the supposedly low-cal banana crisps sold at Trader Joe's and we have serious suspicions about the accuracy of their nutritional information).

Serving Size: 1.5 oz.
Calories: 218
Fat: 14.1g
Sodium: 3mg
Carbs: 24.5g
Fiber: 3.2g
Sugars: 14.8g
Protein: 1g

* 5 Points!


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