Refresh Your Exercise Routine
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Refresh Your Exercise Routine

If you're low on motivation, these three tricks will help you back to the gym.

Lost your exercise mojo? Regain your motivation with these tips from Mike Bracko, an exercise physiologist in Calgary, Alberta, and spokesperson for the American College of Sports Medicine.

  1. Think of seven fun activities you want to try -- hiking, in-line skating, etc. Write them on strips of paper, then put them in a "workout jar." Once a week, draw one out of the jar and schedule a day to try your new challenge.
  2. Use the 10-minute rule. Short bouts of exercise can add up and get you motivated. Try jumping jacks in the a.m. or lifting weights while you watch TV.
  3. Reward yourself. If you've been eyeing a new exercise top or an iPod nano, give yourself one credit for each workout. When you get to 10, hit the store!

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, September 2006.