White Out: Keeping Your Deodorant Off Your Clothes
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White Out: Keeping Your Deodorant Off Your Clothes

Don't let those telltale deodorant marks mar your outfit. Here's how to get dressed without getting messy.
Question: "Any advice for applying deodorant without having it show up on my black dress?"

Answer: Don't sweat it. For deodorant that not only goes on clear, but remains transparent and leaves no visible residue on your clothing, FITNESS Beauty Director Gwen Flamberg recommends several new products that "encapsulate ingredients for a truly no-white-mark effect." What makes these clear deodorants better than the previous generation of so-called invisible solids that still seemed to leave white streaks? "The new clear formulas use an encapsulation technology that really helps maintain the integrity of the 'clearness,'" Flamberg explains.

Three products are high on her list: Secret Platinum Invisible Solid, Degree Ultra Clear ("100% little black dress approved," according to its ad campaign), and Dove Ultimate Clear, the subject of Dove's "Dare to go inside out" challenge, which claims that even if a woman turns her shirt inside out, she still won't be able to find any white streaks.

Even with the most sophisticated technology, it helps to apply deodorant carefully. The most effective technique, according to Flamberg, is to avoid over-application and give your skin a chance to absorb the product before putting on your clothing: "Your best bet is to apply just one swipe back and forth and wait about 30 seconds before getting dressed," she advises.

And if you follow these tips and still somehow end up with deodorant marks on your clothes? "My tried-and-true trick is to use a premoistened facial cleansing cloth or baby wipe," Flamberg says. "Pat the cloth onto the stain several times and watch the white streak disappear."

Originally published on FitnessMagazine.com, August 2006.