Lisa Progresses Despite Aches and Pains
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Lisa Progresses Despite Aches and Pains

Month 3 of the FITNESS Makeover: Lisa Renwick has lost 9.5 pounds despite some slipups!

Losing Momentum

Anyone who's ever tried to lose weight knows about losing momentum, and Lisa Renwick, 37, is no exception. Luckily, Team FITNESS came to her rescue.

The Three-Month Slip
"I keep thinking of that song, 'Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes,' because it's an eerily accurate list of the body parts that were killing me this month. My chronic foot problems became much more painful, so I skipped my morning workouts on the elliptical machine. I also slipped up on my diet because of all the work functions I had to attend. I even started letting my housekeeping slide. When you fall of the wagon, it affects all parts of your life.

"Luckily, I have professionals to call on. Leslie Rice Hart, my trainer, was brilliant about adapting my strength session around my pain: She had me sit down, put an ice pack on my feet and do bicep curls right there on the floor. It felt much better than just giving up altogether."

An Emotional Release

"The next day, I went to see Lois Barth, my life coach. Between my work, family, and workout commitments, I felt like I couldn't keep up with it all. Lois noticed my stress immediately and walked me through a 'body dialogue': She had me ask myself what I needed to feel less overwhelmed. I was intrigued by my answer: 'Just don't expect me to be perfect.' It was such a release that I started to cry!

"Lois suggested that from now on, I take a break several times a day to breathe deeply and repeat the mantra that we came up with: 'I am committed to accepting myself and others.' It helps me remember to stop putting so much pressure on myself."

Scale Surprise
Lisa Renwick, Side
Lisa's "Before" Photo

"I couldn't believe it: At the end of the month, I'd lost two more pounds! I suppose my habits were still healthier than before, or maybe my metabolism is faster due to the extra muscle I've built.

"A little part of me actually hoped that I'd gained weight. Now I'm going to think that I can slip up and still lose! But I won't cheat -- I feel better when I'm sticking with the program. I've already found a new cardio routine that doesn't hurt my feet and knees; it's called the UBE, or upper-body ergometer, and it's like a stationary bike for your arms. I'm determined to lose the last 10 pounds, but I have a lot of work ahead!"

Check out Lisa's blog and read how learn she feels about "helpful" comments from well-intentioned family members. Also, meet her trainer, dietitian, and life coach.

Before and After

Before Now
height: 5'2" 5'2"
weight: 150 lb. 140.5 lb.
body fat: 31.5%


chest: 40" 38.5"
arm: 11.5" 11.25"
abs: 34.75"


hips: 41.5"


thigh: 21.5" 19.5"
clothing size: 12 10
left to lose: 20 lb. 10.5 lb.


My goals this month:

  • Keep a food log and evaluate it weekly.
  • Make low-fat dessert swaps: Skinny Cow ice cream, skim milk pudding, fruit or yogurt for regular ice cream.
  • Do exercises that will improve sore and injured areas, like strengthening quads and hamstrings to alleviate knee pain.
  • When feeling overwhelmed by obligations, stop, breathe, and address my own needs.
  • View pain as a messenger rather than as a betrayal by my body, and find alternative exercises that don't aggravate the pain.