Sleeping Beauty: 5 Products That Transform You Overnight
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Sleeping Beauty: 5 Products That Transform You Overnight

Talk about beauty sleep: These targeted products will transform your hair, skin, and teeth by sunrise.
Beauty Products That Work All Night

Even getting plenty of sleep may not be enough to reverse daily environmental damage to skin and hair. Make the most of your z's with products that work all night, when your body is at rest and can focus on repair. "These treatments stay put and really work," says Brad Katchen, MD, founder of SkinCareLab in New York City. Your dreams of healthy, shiny hair, perfect skin, and a super-white smile are sure to come true.

1. Get a Baby-Soft Body

Boost skin's moisture level and heal dry, scaly patches with a humectant lotion like Dove Regenerating Night Lotion, $5.99, at drugstores. Glycerin, honey, and shea butter micro pearls help skin retain moisture while it is regenerating. "Lying under the covers raises body heat and increases absorption," says Dr. Katchen.

2. Get Silky-Smooth Hair

Coat tresses with a nutrient-packed treatment that contains milk and wheat proteins along with ceramides to repair damaged strands, then shampoo and style in the a.m. (try Frederic Fekkai Protein Rx PM Repair Strengthener, $65, "Nourishing hair at night makes it healthy and shiny for styling," says Alain Pinon, partner and stylist at AKS Salon in New York City.

3. Leave No Trace of Fine Lines

Target wrinkles with an anti-aging cream like ROC Retinol Actif Pur Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Night, $17.99, at drugstores. Retinol, a form of vitamin A, and alpha hydroxy acids exfoliate dead cells and refine texture for a flawless complexion. "Avoid sun exposure when using active ingredients to keep them potent and reduce irritation," says Dr. Katchen.

4. Get Wide-Awake Eyes

Brighten up without layers of undereye concealer by using an eye cream or serum (try Alyria Anti-Dark Circle Night Serum, $80, for locations). The single-dose capsules contain vitamin K to decrease skin pigmentation and retinol to stimulate collagen and cell turnover. "Preventing dark circles instead of concealing them can make you look like you've had a good night's sleep," says Dr. Katchen.

5. Get a Million-Dollar Smile

Brighten teeth with a whitening toothpaste like Crest Vivid White Night, $3.99, at drugstores. Silica gently polishes stains and whitening cleansers loosen residue, allowing it to be easily brushed away in the morning. When you aren't eating or talking, the treatment stays on longer and produces optimum results, says Debra Glassman, DDS, founder of Glassman Dental Care in New York City.

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, June 2006.