A Simple Diet Trick Pays Off
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A Simple Diet Trick Pays Off

Month 2 of the FITNESS Makeover: Lisa Renwick has lost 7.5 pounds with a simple diet trick!

Sticking With It

Anyone can eat healthy and exercise for a month -- but sticking with it is another story. Lisa Renwick, 37, has kept going for two, maintaining a healthy, pound-per-week weight loss.

Halfway to My Skinny Jeans

"I knew I'd lost more weight this month, even before I got on the scale. I've dropped a full size now, so last weekend I went shopping. I blew a ton of money, but I'm not complaining! The fitting-room experience was more fun than it has been in years (a lot less cringing this time). I also pulled a bunch of favorite suits out of storage that finally fit again."

The Protein Prescription

"Learning to balance every meal and snack with a mix of protein, carbs, and fat made a big difference this month. Instead of having just an apple, I'll have some almonds too. My dietitian, Cindy Sherwin, RD, said that when you eat carbs alone, your body digests them pretty quickly. But if you add protein and fat, you feel full and satisfied longer and don't end up making bad choices because you're ravenous, which is what I tend to do. That must be why my face, legs, and midsection are all noticeably slimmer."

Trix Are for Kids

"I haven't been perfect, though. One night after work I blew off the gym and went out with coworkers instead. I downed a couple of beers and munched on pretzels and pizza. But I tried not to feel too guilty afterward since that doesn't help, says my life coach, Lois Barth."

Lisa Renwick, Side
Lisa's "Before" Photo

"Another thing I have to remember: Trix are for kids. If I let myself get too hungry at night, I tend to eat my kids' leftovers. Cindy suggested that I start taking something out of the freezer each morning so that there's grown-up food ready to go straight in the oven as soon as I get home from work.

"Despite these shortcuts, time management is still a major issue; sometimes I wonder if I'd feel healthier and less stressed if I wasn't spending so much time trying to be healthy and less stressed! Lately, I've been so exhausted, and I keep getting colds. I think I'm spreading myself too thin. Lois is helping me figure out ways to fix that, like asking my husband to pitch in more.

"Luckily, he's already very supportive and great about urging me on with compliments. Although, the best comment came from a physical therapist at my chiropractor's office. She screamed when she saw me -- she thought I'd lost 20 pounds!"

Before and After

  Before Now
height: 5'2" 5'2"
weight: 150 lb. 142.5 lb.
body fat: 31.5% 27.5%
arm: 11.5" 11.25"
bust: 40" 39"
waist: 34.75" 34.5"
hips: 41.5" 39.5"
thigh: 21.5" 19.5"
clothing size: 12 10
left to lose: 20 lb. 12.5 lb.
My Goals This Month
Lisa Renwick in Ponytail

  • Make sure each snack and meal includes a balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat.
  • Keep away from the kids' food.
  • Incorporate cardio intervals, such as step-ups and lateral jumps, into strength workouts.
  • Get a stability ball in order to do additional core exercises at home.
  • Visualize reacting in a healthy way to eating triggers and tempting situations.
  • Make a "Weight List": everything I've put on hold until after weight loss, like clothes shopping and travel. Start doing it now instead.

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, July 2006.