Lose Your Love Handles in 3 Moves
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Lose Your Love Handles in 3 Moves

Try these oblique-targeting exercises to lose your love handles and whittle your waist.
Target Your Obliques

Target your obliques by using a stability and medicine ball, says Dana Cahill, personal training director at Sky Athletic Club in Rockville Centre, New York. Work up to three sets of 10.

Beginner: Stability-Ball Twist

  1. Lie back on a stability ball with your feet on the floor. Hold a medicine ball at chest level and extend arms.
  2. Keeping your butt on the ball, slowly rotate your torso to the left until your knuckles are pointing to the wall.
  3. Return to center and repeat on the other side.

Intermediate: Roll and Curl

  1. Begin in a full push-up position with tops of your feet resting on a stability ball, hands on floor shoulder-width apart.
  2. Keeping your abs and glutes tight, bend your knees to roll ball in toward right side of chest.
  3. Extend your legs to roll ball back to start; repeat to the left.

Advanced: Medicine-Ball Twist

  1. Lie faceup on floor holding a medicine ball in both hands overhead, knees bent 90 degrees, feet on floor.
  2. Crunch up, twisting shoulders to the right while bringing ball to right side of thighs; at the same time, bring knees toward the left.
  3. Return to start and switch sides.

Originally published in Fitness magazine, December 2005.