How to Freshen Up Fast After Working Out
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How to Freshen Up Fast After Working Out

Lunchtime workouts are great -- but coming back to work with smudged makeup can definitely make you feel not-so-great. Perfect your post-gym makeup with these easy pointers.
Question: "A hard lunchtime workout makes me sweat off all my makeup. How can I look put-together without doing my entire face over?"

Answer: Ah -- depending on your level of intensity, there are several tricks to avoid wrecking your looks.

For Light Exercise: Apply a primer beneath foundation to act as a sweat-proof barrier, says Rebecca Morrice Williams, a makeup artist and founder of Becca Cosmetics.

For Moderate Exercise: If your plan involves heavy sweating, remove makeup with a cleansing cloth, then touch up after class with a compact powder foundation, lip gloss, and a shimmery shadow.

For Hard Workouts: Finally, did you do something truly high-intensity, like Spinning? If your face is flushed post-workout and your skin feels hot, wait about a half hour before reapplying makeup.

Originally published in Fitness magazine, April 2006.