Beyond the Treadmill: More Cardio Calorie Burners
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Beyond the Treadmill: More Cardio Calorie Burners

Bored with your basic cardio workout? Break away from the treadmill -- amp up your routine with these tips from a top celebrity trainer.
Question: "I'm bored with the treadmill. Can you give me other ways to burn calories?"

Answer: You can wake up your cardio routine by mixing things up a little, suggests Joe Dowdell, a celebrity trainer and co-owner of Peak Performance gym in New York City. Try spending 15 minutes on two different cardio machines -- or experiment with some exercises that don't require any machines at all.

Here are some guidelines for designing your own workout: After a five-minute warm-up, do 15 minutes of lower-body work (jump rope, stair running, or kickboxing) and upper-body work (speed bag, ergometer, or swimming). Finish with a five-minute cooldown.

Originally published in Fitness magazine, March 2006.