No More Bad Hair Days!
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No More Bad Hair Days!

6 simple solutions for every tress distress -- from frizzy strands to split ends.

Who hasn't had a bad hair day? The usual response is to glob on a styling product and hope for the best. But when the same disaster strikes over and over, it's better to take specific action. "There are simple fixes for every hair crisis," says Wayne Vincent, owner of Red Salon in New York City. Make every day a fabulous hair day with these targeted tricks.

Second-Day Hair Help

Disaster: You have no time to shampoo.

Rescue: "Second-day hair has texture that can be super-sexy," explains Alain Pinon, stylist and a partner at Salon A-K-S in New York City. For straight tresses, smooth large sections with a flatiron. "Heat seals in oils for high shine and sleek strands," says Louise O'Connor, owner of OC61 Salon in New York City. For tousled waves, revive hair by spritzing with water, then scrunch sections.

Fake a Chic Haircut

Disaster: You just landed the job interview of your dreams but can't get in for a haircut.

Rescue: For a professional-looking updo, part hair to the side, pull into a ponytail at the nape of your neck, then wrap and fasten. "A simple chignon always looks stylish and classic," says Vincent. To wear hair down, smooth on a dollop of styling gel or cream (try Easy Straight Smooth Finish Gloss, $8, Target stores, or Ojon Hydrating Styling Cream, $30,, then direct the blow-dryer at the ends. "The intense heat will smooth hair and impart shine," says O'Connor.

Fight Humidity and Frizz

Disaster: Humidity has turned you into a frizz ball.

Rescue: Conceal flyaways by working a frizz-fighting gel or cream through hair (try Suave Aloe Extra Hold Anti-Frizz Smoothing Gel, $2.29, at drugstores). Then shake out strands with fingertips to create perfect waves from roots to ends. "Use humidity to your advantage; it can act like a curling iron, sealing in movement," says Mia Liguori-McHugh, international director of product development for Scruples.

Day-to-Night Hair -- Fast!

Disaster: Your casual day 'do needs to be evening chic -- fast.

Rescue: Run a small amount of a pomade or wax throughout the length of dry hair, then brush away from your face (try Apt. 5 Shine Pomade, $5.95, If your tresses are too messy to wear down, make a low ponytail, twist and pin. Pulling hair back brings attention to your face and can keep hair perfectly in place all night, says Vincent.

Split-End Savers

Disaster: You have split ends and are overdue for a trim.

Rescue: Coat damaged tips by rubbing a dime-size amount of a light, leave-in conditioner on fine hair, or a hair mask on thick hair (try Clairol Herbal Essences Citrus Lift Tip Conditioner, $2.99, at drugstores, or Ellin Lavar Textures Reconstruct Masque, $25, "Conditioning frayed ends gives the appearance of healthy strands," says Vincent.

From Flat to Fabulous

Disaster: Your hair is flat and lacks volume.

Rescue: Rub mousse between palms, and distribute from roots to ends (try Alterna Life Volumizing Spray Mousse, $20, for locations). Flip your head over and distribute evenly with a wide-tooth comb. "Height at the root will create the illusion of fuller hair," says Pinon.

Originally published in Fitness magazine, January 2006.