6 Gym Alternatives and Local Co-Rec Sports Leagues
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6 Gym Alternatives and Local Co-Rec Sports Leagues

Looking for some variety in your exercise routine? Try these workout alternatives and co-rec sports leagues in your area.
Get Your Game On!

Hate the gym? The treadmill is not your only option for staying in shape. Why not join a noncompetitive co-rec sports team? Or sign up for figure-skating lessons? Or take a dip in the pool?

To find active classes and sports leagues in your area, try the following:

  • The local Y
  • Your county's parks and recreation department
  • Nearby universities (which often offer noncredit courses)
  • Facilities like ice rinks and tennis courts, many of which provide lessons
  • Associations or websites dedicated to a given activity, such as the World Adult Kickball Association (Worldkickball.com) or Freeskatelesson.com, which promises a free inline skating class at schools nationwide
  • Co-rec leagues in your city, which organize everything from flag football teams to ski outings to beach volleyball tournaments

Local Co-Rec Leagues