What Can I Do About White Spots on My Nails?
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What Can I Do About White Spots on My Nails?

Little white spots on your nails could signify dehydration, a lack of keratin, or trauma. Here, expert tips on avoiding and hiding spots.
Question: "I have these weird white spots on my nails. Any idea what's causing them?"

Answer: A few things could be to blame, says Jessica Vartoughian, the self-proclaimed "first lady of nails" and creator of Jessica Cosmetics. White spots may mean that your nails are severely dehydrated, lack keratin, or have experienced a trauma like getting banged or stuck in a door. They could also signal something more serious, like an iron or calcium deficiency. There's no way to erase the spots, short of allowing them to grow out. During the process, protect nails with a nourishing base coat, and camouflage spots with a tinted ridge filler. If your nails continue to grow with spots, consult your physician about a possible nutritional deficiency.

Originally published in Fitness magazine, January 2006.