How Can I Avoid Undereye Mascara Smudges?
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How Can I Avoid Undereye Mascara Smudges?

Putting mascara on your lower lashes can make your eyes pop, but telltale dark smudges can ruin the look. A makeup artist offers his advice.
Question: "Whenever I put mascara on my lower lashes, I wind up with smudges. Any way to avoid the raccoon look?"

Answer: I'm plagued by this problem too, so I simply choose not to use mascara on my lower lashes every day. On occasions when I'm craving more definition around my eyes (like big nights out), I follow the advice of Brian Duprey, a New York City makeup artist and creator of Duprey Cosmetics.

  1. First, using a clean puff, I apply loose translucent powder under my eyes to absorb natural oils.
  2. Then I brush on a few coats of a waterproof formula in black, sweeping the wand over my lower lashes, concentrating on the outer corners.
  3. This treatment results in a totally smudge-free look that lasts until I take it off at the end of the night with an oil-based remover.

Originally published in Fitness magazine, January 2006.