Low-Sodium Soups with Satisfying Flavor
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Low-Sodium Soups with Satisfying Flavor

How to find a low-sodium, low-fat canned soup without sacrificing flavor. Here are two that we love, plus expert advice on your daily sodium intake.
Question: "Can you recommend a satisfying but low-fat canned soup that isn't loaded with salt?"

Answer: Definitely. We like Campbell's Low Sodium Chunky Vegetable Beef because even though it has just 160 calories, 4 grams of fat, and 90 milligrams of sodium for the whole can, it has a rich, satisfying flavor. Healthy Choice Hearty Chicken is another good pick, with 120 calories, 2 gram of fat, and 480 milligrams of sodium per cup. In general, look for vegetable soups that are produced under a major brand's reduced-sodium or "heart-healthy" line. Your daily sodium limit is 2,300 mg, but some experts recommend no more than 1,500 mg.

Originally published in Fitness magazine, January 2006.