How Can I Relieve Push-Up Wrist Strain?
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How Can I Relieve Push-Up Wrist Strain?

Our fitness expert offers a solution for wrist strain pain caused by exercise like push-ups or planks.
Question: "Push-ups and planks put a huge strain on my wrists. Is there any way I can make them more bearable?"

Answer: They're not as sexy as biceps or glutes, but strengthening the forearm muscles will help ease wrist strain. Try this move from Josh Salzman, personal trainer for Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson:

  1. Holding a dumbbell in each hand, elbows bent at sides and palms facing up, curl your wrists so that knuckles point toward the ceiling.
  2. Release; repeat for three sets of 15.

Originally published in Fitness magazine, January 2006.