Control Cookie Cravings
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Control Cookie Cravings

How to curb your dessert and cookie cravings. Expert diet advice from nutritionist Ruth Frechman, RD.
Question: "When cookies are anywhere near me, I just lose all self-control. Help!"

Answer: Look at it this way: At least you've discovered your "trigger" food. Having a single Oreo might take the edge off for some, but for others (like us, during a deadline), that strategy can backfire. "The only effective solution is to make desserts off-limits," says Ruth Frechman, RD, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. That means keeping them away from your desk, out of the cupboard and, hopefully, off your mind. If you start daydreaming about desserts, distract yourself by doing something physical, like crunches in front of the TV or a game of tag with the kids, suggests Frechman.

Originally published in Fitness magazine, January 2006.