How to Counteract Condom Irritation
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How to Counteract Condom Irritation

Are you itchy and irritated after condom contact? Check the ingredient list on the package for the irritant -- our epidemiologist shows you what to look for.
Question: "After my boyfriend and I use condoms, I always feel itchy and irritated. What's causing the problem?"

Answer: You may be reacting to either the spermicide or the latex in the condoms, says Markus Steiner, Ph.D., an epidemiologist with Family Health International, a nonprofit reproductive-health organization. "Try switching to spermicide-free condoms first, and if that doesn't help, use ones that are made from polyurethane," he suggests. Or try the female condom, also made from polyurethane. If changing condoms doesn't solve the problem, see your gynecologist.

Originally published in Fitness magazine.