Exercise-Induced Vaginal Numbness: Is It Normal?
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Exercise-Induced Vaginal Numbness: Is It Normal?

If you feel numb after spinning or cycling workouts, you may be overcompressing nerves in your pubic region. Here, expert advice on adjusting your workout for your comfort.
Question: "I feel a little numb "down there" after Spinning class. Is this dangerous?"

Answer: The numbness, caused by compressed nerves in your pubic area, is usually temporary, but frequent Spinning or cycling may up your risk of sexual-dysfunction. To prevent this, wear bike shorts that are padded in the seat, tip the bike-saddle nose down a tiny bit and focus on shifting your weight onto your butt, says Angela Smith, M.D., the president-elect of the American College of Sports Medicine. Also, make sure the seat isn't too high (your knee should flex at about a 15-degree angle when the pedal is at its lowest point). If numbness persists for more than 24 hours, see your gynecologist.

Originally published in Fitness magazine.