How to Prevent Yellow Under-Arm Stains
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How to Prevent Yellow Under-Arm Stains

Do all of your light-colored t-shirts carry tell-tale yellow under-arm sweat stains? Here, expert advice to get control of excessive sweating -- and prevent future stains.
Question: "Whenever I sweat, it turns the armpits of all my light colored clothes yellow. Can I do anything to prevent this?"

Answer: Try switching antiperspirants. According to Debra Jaliman, M.D., a New York City dermatologist, clothing discoloration can result when chemicals in these products react with your body. If that doesn't help, you probably have a lot of bacteria in your sweat (everyone's contains bacteria; some people just happen to have more of it than others). To get rid of it, wash your underarms twice a day with an antibacterial soap like Dial, Hibiclens or Phisoderm (in addition to using a new antiperspirant). If the problem persists after several weeks, ask your dermatologist about topical antibiotic treatment. In some cases, a stronger prescription antiperspirant such as Drysol may also help by further curbing sweat.

Originally published in Fitness magazine.