Is Running Counterproductive to Strength Training?
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Is Running Counterproductive to Strength Training?

Can you run and strength train -- without compromising either workout? Expert advice on the best combination workout plan for you.
Question: "I'm a longtime runner who recently began working out with a trainer. He told me running is compromising my strength routine. Is he right? "

Answer: Sounds like you need to find a new trainer! “Running is definitely not counterproductive to building muscle, unless you’re looking to dramatically increase muscle mass,” says Gregory Florez, CEO of “In fact, as a weight-bearing exercise, running helps develop more lean muscle mass in the lower body—which also keeps your bones healthy.”

That doesn’t mean it’s a substitute for strength-training, though. “Include lower-body strength moves like squats and lunges and upper-body moves like push-ups and pull-ups to reduce injury risk, increase stamina and boost metabolism,” adds Florez.

Originally published in Fitness magazine.