Is Long-Term Binge Drinking Dangerous?
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Is Long-Term Binge Drinking Dangerous?

Does binge drinking cause health problems or other side effects? Expert answers about keeping alcohol consumption in check.
Question: "Does binge drinking have lasting negative side effects?"

Probably not, but some women may be more vulnerable to the effects alcohol than men are. Heavy drinking can harm the brain, liver and heart (though it’s difficult to predict which women are likely to suffer the most damage). Depending on how long and how heavily you drank, your doctor may want to do liver-function and possibly cardiovascular tests, says Charles S. Lieber, M.D., chief of the Alcohol Research Center at Bronx VA Medical Center in New York City. Now, you should stick to one drink a day – tops. “Even a single binge for someone with a history of heavy drinking can be stressful to the liver,” says Dr. Lieber.

Originally published in Fitness magazine.