What's the Right Exercise Ball for My Height?
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What's the Right Exercise Ball for My Height?

When you buy an exercise ball, how big is too big? Find out how to get the best exercise ball for your height.
Question: "How can I find the right exercise ball for my height?"

Answer: As a general guideline, anyone under 5’10” should choose a 55-centimeter ball; those over 5’10” should use a 65-centimeter model, says Douglas Brooks, an exercise physiologist based in Mammoth Lakes, California. “Your thighs should be parallel to the floor when you’re sitting on the ball,” he explains. In between sizes? You can cheat a little by over- or underinflating it, adds Brooks. “An underinflated model is easier to use and stabilize because more of its surface is in contact with the floor.”

Originally published in Fitness magazine.