How to Conceal a Healing Blemish
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How to Conceal a Healing Blemish

Fake flawless skin with these tips from makeup guru Trish McEvoy -- and learn how to camouflage a skin blemish.
Question: "How can I conceal a healing blemish so it doesn't look cracked and cakey?"

Answer: The trick is to apply concealer before foundation. After cleansing, exfoliate the skin around the blemish with a washcloth. Then, using a small brush, apply concealer (in the same exact shade as your skin) on the spot and the surrounding area. Pat it in with your fingertip. Now apply foundation. Finish with a touch of loose powder on a puff to add staying power.

Trish McEvoy is the author of Trish McEvoy: The Power of Makeup (Fireside, 2003) and the founder of Trish McEvoy Ltd.

Originally published in Fitness magazine.