How Do I Use a Mixed Color Makeup Palette?
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How Do I Use a Mixed Color Makeup Palette?

With multicolored hues in a kalidoscope of colors, using mosaic makeup requires a lot of know-how. Here's how to achieve the perfect application.

A kaleidoscope of color is a bit perplexing. To apply a multicolored powder, which will help balance and brighten your skin tone, swirl a fan-like brush over the entire product and then sweep the contents onto skin as you would a regular powder. "The idea is to use all the different hues at once," says Laura Geller, owner of Laura Geller Make-Up Studios. Eye shadow mosaics can be used the same way (if you like the shade created when the colors are combined) or by applying each color individually. To try: Clarins Palette Impression Yeux, Vincent Longo Flowers Trio.

Originally published in Fitness magazine.