Help -- My Hair is Too Slippery to Hold a Hairstyle!
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Help -- My Hair is Too Slippery to Hold a Hairstyle!

Sleek, slippery hair slides out of hairstyles easily -- but with a few styling aids, our expert says even this hard-to-handle hair can look fabulous.
Question: "My hair won't hold a style longer than a few minutes -- are there any tricks I can try?"

Answer: Hair texture is naturally sleek and slippery because the shape of each strand is round. To lengthen the amount of time your hair holds a style, add a dab of pomade or styling wax, which will make hair more malleable without adding weight. If you blow-dry, lock in lift with this trick from Massimo DiCicco of New York City's Bumble and Bumble salon: Prep hair at your crown with thickening spray, then raise sections of hair from the roots with a medium-size round brush, applying heat both over and under the brush. To try: Kusco-Murphy Rockster Hair, $16; Matrix Amplify Root Lifter, $9.95.

Originally published in Fitness magazine.