Six Secrets to Race Day Success

Susan's making sure that she's hydrated before the half-marthon. (Photo by Jack Miskell)

Susan's making sure that she's well hydrated before the half-marthon. (Photo by Jack Miskell)

I’ve done just about everything I can to prepare my body and now it’s time to let the excitement set in. The next couple of days are all about relaxing and carb loading—my favorite parts!

Nutritionist Stephanie Middleburg and I discussed my past races and how to make this one the best yet. She shared some tips with me about what to do and eat during the few days before the race:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Try to get extra sleep
  • Stretch
  • Carb loading is great, but don’t go out of control or eat foods that could bother your stomach on race day
  • Fill your meals with nutrient dense foods and complex carbs (some good options include bananas, sweet potatoes, nuts, whole wheat pasta and quinoa)
  • Most importantly, if whatever you have been eating or drinking before your long runs has been working for you, don’t try something new on race day

Great advice, which I know I’m going to be following from now through Sunday! I’m sure all of the hard work those of you in training have put in will pay off, and I hope you enjoy the race. Talk to you Monday after the half-marathon!

Conquering the Longest Training Runs

Marla's getting ready to toe the line on race day! (Photo by John Herr)

Marla's getting ready to toe the line on race day! (Photo by John Herr)

Only two weeks left to go! Hope everyone is getting excited. I know I am (and a little nervous too!).

Over the weekend I tackled my longest run yet, the big 10-miler. All week I had been psyching myself up for it, and on Saturday morning I set out for it feeling strong. I met with Stephanie Middleberg, my nutritionist here in NYC, on Friday afternoon, and we discussed how I should be eating on days that I run hard. Because I like to wakeup and do my runs in the morning, Stephanie recommended that I eat a banana and half of a Nature’s Valley granola bar an hour before running, to ensure high energy levels. I took her advice, waited an hour, and then hit the streets. With the sun shining, the fresh air, a brand new running outfit from the Helly Hansen team, and my iPod blasting my favorite tunes, I felt like I could take on the world!

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