Ready for the Starting Line

Staying hydrated during the race clearly won't be a problem! (Photo courtesy of John Herr)

It’s the final countdown! Who is excited? I know this girl is! I can’t wait to run with everyone on Saturday, we are going to have a blast. Even though I am at the end of my training program, there are a few goals I set for myself in this last leg.

First, I want to up my water intake every day this week. I don’t want to have any hydration issues the day of the race, so by going into race day well hydrated I’ll be in great shape.

Second, I want to really take the time to enjoy my runs this week. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed them all, but there was always an agenda behind them. This week I just want to enjoy the ride and all my hard work. I feel like this is the point in training where you really relax a little. There shouldn’t be anything you need to change up at this point, so when I run I’m going to just take in each moment.

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