Allergy Tips for Sneezy Striders

Try these tips to run toward, not away from the springy conditions outside. (Photo courtesy of

Last week’s long run was a 12-miler for me, just a mile shy of the race distance coming up! Having a successful 11-mile run the week before I had pretty high hopes, which were then promptly squashed about 3 miles in. I just wasn’t feeling it – my legs felt heavy (I’ve been slacking on my strength training), I was dehydrated and found myself stopping quite a bit to catch my breath and stretch.

Even though I wasn’t having the best run of my life, I was far better off than the other runners in the park who were having sneezing and wheezing fits due to springtime allergies. My legs may occasionally feel like lead, but I am thankful I don’t suffer from allergies, because quite frankly they look like a buzz kill!

Even though my nose is intact, yours might not be so lucky. So I got some tips from Dr. William Berger, M.D. and author of the book Allergies and Asthma for Dummies for runners who suffering from allergies. Below, his suggestions:

  1. Pollen counts are higher in the early morning. Run later in the day if you can for easier breathing. (Note: Because of the mild winter, Dr. Berger says pollen has appeared earlier this year, meaning this could potentially be the worst allergy season in a decade. Eeks!) Read more