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Shin splints are cramping Marla's style.

Shin splints are cramping Marla's style.

Energy, energy, energy! I feel like this was my mantra for the week. I felt so energized during all of my workouts, and am starting to realize that I can maintain a steady pace for a longer period of time than I thought. I think the diet that I have been sticking to–minus all of the chips and dip that I ate during the Super Bowl!–and my adrenaline were huge factors in my endurance boost. A good night’s sleep before running days didn’t hurt either!

Those of you following the beginner plan like me started off the week running for 20 to 30 minutes. Since I usually incorporate running into my workout a few times a week, I found running for a half-hour to be pretty painless and actually increased my speed on the treadmill so that I could get some more mileage in. By Sunday, I was running for a total of 40 minutes (pretty boring on a treadmill!), so I slowed my speed down slightly from my workouts earlier in the week. This allowed me to maintain a healthy and reasonable pace, which is similar pace to the one that I hope to run on race day, for the duration of the workout. I felt amazing after that run…well, besides some minor shin splints, which are expected from running on the tread. Any suggestions on how to get rid of those? (You’d think that after running cross-country for 4 years in high school, I’d know how to ease the ache!) Bring it on, week three.

  • Caitlin Boyle

    I also show people with shin splints this link! Hope it helps you!

  • Anna

    Great article! I’m going to try the beginner plan.

  • Kate


    I am training for my first half marathon with the Fitness plan. I enjoy reading your articles. Keep up the good work.


  • Fana

    Marla – keep up the good work – I see first hand how hard you are working. I have to say I have been enjoying the new diet (let’s face it we all could afford some healthier eating habits)! Some of the different recipes I have been trying from Fitness Magazine are really great and so much healthier. Next step for me is to get outside and start exercising – I agree with your comments about boredom on the treadmill. Hang in there spring is right around the corner.

  • Alex @ Brain, Body, Because

    Great post!

    I add a big gulp of seltzer to every cocktail – adds fizz without the calories.

  • Jennifer Swafford

    Great tip!  Thanks!

  • Cmorse46

    Starbucks has new refresher drinks…the Very Berry only has 60 calories…very good.
    Giving them out FREE Friday, July 13 Noon-3:00

  • Kat Brooks

    Mix seltzer or club soda with a sweet wine like Moscato or Reisling and toss in some watermelon cubes or balls – it is like summertime in a glass!