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The Stress-No-More Pilates Routine

Written on December 14, 2011 at 5:00 pm , by

Just move! That’s what this week’s YouTube Next Trainer participant Kristi Cooper White wants you to do this season. If you’re multitasking skills are anything like ours, you’re probably slightly behind on your holiday shopping, have burned several of your fingers trying to whip up gingerbread men for the work cookie swap, and all in all are just feeling frazzled. That’s why Cooper has created this exclusive workout for our readers to loosen up fast and get your heart pumping in a good way, not an “I’m going to pull my hair out!” way. Follow along and start feeling better instantly. Bonus points for also getting to cross your workout off on your growing to-do list!

To attend a class with Cooper, check out pilatesanytime.com for a schedule and list of centers.

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A 12-Minute Quickie Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Post-Holiday Tune Up from Blogilates’ Cassey Ho

A 12-Minute Quickie Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Written on December 6, 2011 at 3:29 pm , by

Dear Santa, we've been really good this year—can we get our own set of sculpted biceps like these under our tree? (Photo courtesy of Susan Becraft)

Between the slew of holiday parties, shopping, and traveling to see family members far and wide, squeezing in a gym session can become increasingly difficult this time of year. Once you manage to make it back, you’re now fighting off the hoards of resolution go-getters stealing your beloved treadmill and making you wish you stayed hunkered down on the couch watching the Law & Order SVU marathon you deserted to get in a quick burn.

If the thought of waiting in a line for a weight machine makes you cringe, try this routine from YouTube Next Trainer participant Susan Becraft, of Strong Like Susan. She created a total body circuit routine exclusively for our readers that you can do anywhere (including your living room as you continue to watch that SVU marathon). Try her workout below to engage your abs in ways you may not have before, perfect your plank no matter what fitness level you are, and more.


More from FITNESS: Try Blogilates’ Cassey Ho’s Pilates routine created exclusively for FITNESS readers!

Your Post-Thanksgiving Tune Up

Written on November 30, 2011 at 4:54 pm , by

Cassey Ho launched oGorgeous when she couldn't find a cute yoga bag. What a chic solution! (Photo courtesy of Cassey Ho)

We know, Thanksgiving was so last week. But chances are, you’re still blaming your tryptophan coma for not getting kicking your workout back into full swing yet.

Slack no more! We got Cassey Ho, a Pilates, fitness instructor, and founder of oGorgeous yoga bags (featured in our gift guide and a perfect gift for your friend!) to give our readers an exclusive routine to help you beat turkey bloat and get back on track to burning some serious fat this season.

Cassey is participating in the YouTube Next Trainer program—an initiative to find the world’s next biggest trainer, helping them launch their fit YouTube career. Check back for more exclusive routines from a few of the Next Trainer participants but until then sculpt, strengthen and tone with this 10-minute session from Cassey that targets your arms, abs, legs and butt below. Don’t worry, she does it with you so you’re not suffering alone!


You can print this workout here! And for more information and moves from Cassey, visit blogilates.com.