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women’s fitness

Are YOU the Face of Under Armour’s New “What’s Beautiful” Challenge?

Written on May 2, 2012 at 12:07 pm , by

Be a fighter and tackle new goals! Natalie Uhling models Under Armour. (Photos courtesy of Under Armour)

If you’ve heard the buzz on Under Armour for women, it must not only be about their spot-on designs and gotta-have it apparel lately (seriously, how much do you love their cute capris and colorful headbands? I do!)—but you’ve also maybe heard the chatter about their search for the next best female athletes (a la American Idol but fitness queen style). With their innovative “What’s Beautiful” Challenge, Under Armour will take their mission a step further than helping you look good while you work out—they’re casting a call for everyday women to be the new face of their brand. Could that be you?

This campaign shows us that women should embrace the beauty of a strong body, a physically fit mind and a hardcore attitude—redefining strength and tenacity for the ladies. So Under Armour is asking you to pledge a goal, put in the training, and see you make it happen. Maybe you want to run your first half-marathon by summer, participate in a triathlon or maybe tackle a Spartan race, or simply accomplish 50 push-ups without stopping or lose the baby weight by running a 5K every week. Whatever your goal may be, put it in writing and get it done!

Today more than ever, women are becoming the face of what it means to be strong and fit. Women have shown their drive and determination to take on not only new challenges but obstacles too. Shalane Flanagan ran her first marathon a little over a year ago and this summer she will take on the best in the world to go for the gold. The fighting underdog, Lolo Jones, whose first attempt in the Summer Games ended with a simple error, has practiced intensely for the past four years for the 7 seconds it should take her to win in London. Our favorite role models, like Shalane and Lolo, may be at the top of the leader boards, but their commitment to rise to the top is something we all can look up to and learn from. And we don’t have to compete in the Olympics to do so….

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