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Free Yoga! Wanderlust Yoga in the City Summer Series Is Back

Written on April 24, 2014 at 9:14 am , by

Written by Jordan Clifford, editorial intern

Planning your summer but strapped for cash? Wanderlust’s Yoga in the City (YITC) series is back and we couldn’t be more excited! Like previous years, the fast-growing evolutionary brand is offering free, all-day events with renowned yoga instructors and live music from local DJs. Plus you can snag some goodies from Kashi, LUVO, Spiritual Gangster and more. See? Being a free spirit really pays off.

“While our festivals are incomparable getaways, Yoga in the City celebrates what is local,” says Wanderlust co-founder Jeff Krasno. “It brings together the best local teachers, musicians and craft vendors in some of our nation’s most beautiful city parks. The events pull together the local yoga and mindful community around a great day of fun and practice.” So what are you waiting for? Grab your mat and get ready to find your zen. Here’s when and where you can join the movement:

May 10: Los Angeles, CA – Santa Monica Pier
May 17: San Francisco, CA – Marina Green
May 31: Chicago, IL – Butler Field in Grant Park
June 7: Philadelphia, PA – The Piazza at Schmidt’s

For more information and to sign up, check out Wanderlust’s site to learn more.

Photo courtesy of Vincent Tran

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The Yoga Poses You Should Try Stat for More Energy!

Written on June 16, 2011 at 9:49 am , by

Schuyler Grant (left) and Elena Brower just radiate "zen" while closing the Wanderlust yoga session. (Photo by Michael Malandra)

One evening after work last week, I hustled over to Chelsea Piers (an amazing recreation complex along the Hudson River in New York City) to attend the Wanderlust Yoga In the City event. I enjoyed an amazing waterfront yoga session led by Schuyler Grant, studio director of Kula Yoga, and Elena Brower, founder and co-owner of VIRAYOGA. Watching hundreds of people hold warrior pose in unison was quite a sight, and we certainly challenged our balance and our muscles with poses like crow and twisting triangle.

After the event, I caught up with Elena and Schuyler to snag their yoga playlist must-haves and the poses that they think you should stand up and do right now!

What do you see as the main benefits of yoga?

Elena Brower: Long, lean muscles, expanded patience, confidence, healthier cells, more efficient breathing and circulation and a level of consistency both internally and externally that most of us haven’t yet experienced in our lives.

Schuyler Grant: It’s not just a workout—that’s why we call it a practice, and that’s why it’s taken off so completely. Yoga complements other workouts so well. People stick with it because it gives them something besides a workout. They feel centered and balanced.

If someone is sitting at their desk now has time to get up and do one pose for more energy, what would you recommend and why?

Elena: Stand tall, root your feet down into the ground and reach your arms up over your head. Bring your palms to touch above your head in prayer, and use your arms to hug your ears. Breathe in and out five to ten times, and slowly lower your arms out to the sides, then down next to your body.

Schuyler: The downward facing dog (see a how-to here) offers a good leg, shoulder, arm and back stretch. It’s meditative and strengthening, and is a really well-balanced pose.

What artists are mainstays on your yoga class soundtracks?

Elena: Inner Splendor, Andrew Clark, Garth Stevenson, Random Rab and Earthrise Soundsystem.

Schuyler: I love Garth Stevenson too! I’d add Moby, Nick Drake, Cat Power and Iron and Wine to the list.

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