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Under Armour

Watch Gisele Bündchen’s New Under Armour Commercial

Written on September 4, 2014 at 6:05 pm , by

Under Armour has been featuring some seriously badass women in its “I Will What I Want” campaign. On the list so far: Misty Copeland, Lindsey Vonn, Sloane Stephens, Kelley O’Hara and Brianna Cope.

Each fab lady comes from a different athletic background, but they all have one thing in common: Among the obstacles and the criticism in their respective sports, they’ve worked VERY hard to get where they are now. And if there’s one person who knows criticism, it’s Gisele Bündchen.

When word spread that the supermodel would be the next addition to the campaign, she received some serious backlash. And the way Under Armour—and Gisele—dealt with it is pure genius.

Check out the commercial. Gisele gets some cardio in with a major punching sesh. While she hits the punching bag, comments—both positive and negative—appear on the walls. The Brazilian beauty constantly receives contradictory feedback, but it clearly hasn’t slowed her down, as she’s currently the highest-paid model in the world. Oh, and she got 43 no’s at her first try at international fashion shows before hearing a “yes.” Now that’s inspiring.

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Natalie Uhling’s NUFit Workout Takes the NYC Fitness Scene by Storm

Written on January 30, 2014 at 4:09 pm , by

Courtesy of natalieuhlingfitness.com

Courtesy of natalieuhlingfitness.com

Written by Alena Hall, editorial intern

You may remember Natalie Uhling from her days as an enthusiastic trainer at Barry’s Boot Camp or even recognize her from those strong and sexy ads for Under Armour Women. She has sweated her way through New York City’s fitness scene throughout the last decade, and at the age of 29, we think it’s safe to say that she’s officially made it to the top.

Last fall this fitness instructor decided to channel her entrepreneurial spirit and endless drive into designing a killer workout program of her own. The result, called NUFit, combines dance cardio, kickboxing and toning in one high-intensity, music-blasting class for a workout that makes you feel nothing shy of empowered. Embodying Uhling’s fit philosophy, “a strong core makes you lethal,” NUFit will push you to new heights you never imagined possible. Not to mention her contagious energy will keep you motivated and moving down the last second!

KiwiSweat, a fitness company dedicated to discovering the newest and most exciting ways to work out, named Uhling’s NUFit workout the winner of their “Coolest, Most Awesomest Workout Ever” contest Wednesday. Judged by FITNESS’ very own fitness editor Jenna Autuori-Dedic, Well+Good editorial director Melisse Gelula, MizzFit founder Bianca Jade and celebrity trainer Lacey Stone, the contest sorted through dozens of kickass entries from the industry’s top trainers in search of the hottest new class in town.

Dare to give NUFit a try? Join Uhling and her Under Armour teammates this weekend at Grand Central Terminal for the biggest fitness party the Super Bowl has ever seen! Check out the sweat-filled schedule for details on when NUFit classes will be held.  You can also find Uhling teaching NUFit at Pearl Studios at various times throughout the week.

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Summer Sunglasses: Editor Tested, Fashion Approved

Written on July 2, 2013 at 11:49 am , by

Breezy running shorts, check! Rockin’ playlist, check! Sunscreen, check! Sunglasses, err, check?

How do you protect your eyes?

Sunglasses are a summer staple, but when it comes to hitting the pavement and logging miles, my shades usually stay tucked away at home. Throwing a baseball cap on before a run is enough shade for my squints, but for other FITNESS staffers, eyewear is a huge part of their summer workout wardrobe. The only problem…finding the perfect fit!

Enter Under Armour. We’ve known about the company, well, forever, but we just got acquainted with the eyewear line. With a wide range of  styles, there’s something for every athlete (in true Under Armour fashion), and of course for every fashion-forward diva like yours truly (I’m loving this pair for my days at the beach!). When put to the test by our trusty editors, these suckers performed. And well.

Our super-runner Editorial Assistant, Lauren, fell in love with the sleek look, and cool-colored lenses of the Igniter. “The blue lenses cut the glare from the sun for a no squint, headache-free run!” Bonus: mirrored lenses are a huge fashion trend this summer, so Lauren definitely achieves the fashion-forward flair she craves while running the streets of her hood.

For our Web Editor, Colleen, finding an adjustable and cushy nose piece is key, and the Zone II has the perfect no-slip grip. “They stayed put without any sliding around on a very sticky, humid morning,” she notes. “That says something because I was extremely sweaty!” Another cool feature that similar styles, like the Core Switch and the Core, have: adjustable temple cushions, which creates a more personalized and comfortable wearing experience.

While testing her pair out one sunny weekend, Assistant Web Editor, Samantha, realized she could use these shades (she tried the Igniter II in a black/red combo) for more than one activity. “I used my sunglasses all weekend while volunteering at Relay for Life, went for a run in them, and am excited to wear these on long bike rides this summer! I never felt like I had to squint, even at high noon, and of course, I looked cute!”  Having a pair of multi-function sunglasses makes for easy packing when taking a weekend trip or long vacation. One pair and you’re good to go!

For more styles and information be sure to check out underarmour.com.

Former Martial Arts Fighter and Actress Gina Carano Joins the Under Armour Team

Written on February 6, 2013 at 10:36 am , by

Gina Carano tests E! News correspondents Alicia Quarels and Ross Matthews on their football skills at the NFL Experience in New Orleans.

It’s no secret that Under Armour has had some pretty inspiring and star-studded campaigns in the past. Now the brand is bringing on a little more awesome, kick butt attitude with former martial arts fighter Gina Carano, who will be featured in the brand’s campaigns this year. “I’ve always been an advocate of people taking care of themselves and living a healthy lifestyle,” Carano says about the new partnership. “The Under Armour brand expresses that in such an innovative way, and the people there are so welcoming, I immediately felt like part of the family, which isn’t the norm as a female coming from a martial arts background. I’ve always been different, but with these guys I feel like I fit right in!”

Carano trains in Under Armour products regularly, but her recent go-to product is one that surprised her. “I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I’ve gotten into the yoga pants! I never thought I would be a yoga pants type of girl, I used to wear old sweats or board shorts to train in but now I’m obsessed with the tighter stuff. They just hug in all the right spots.” (Editor’s Note: We so hear you.)

Though she’s spending more time on the silver screen than in the ring, she still hits the weight room pretty regularly to train. “I like to switch it up every day, but hitting pads and weight training will always be part of my life. I consider that like my yoga. I also recently got into running and hiking and actual Bikram yoga for mental toughness. And I’m also trying to exercise outside as much as possible, since the majority of my life I’ve been in gyms. I’ve been traveling a ton, but now that I’m back I’ll start training with a stunt group again and I’ll have some time to set my goals for this year. I feel like I always work best when I have my goals written down and mapped out for me.”

Keep an eye out for Carano in Fast and Furious 6, out in May!

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Jennifer Lopez is HOT in Under Armour!

Written on May 15, 2012 at 1:04 pm , by

One of my favorite celebrities, Jennifer Lopez, looks ridiculously fit, awesome and pretty darn sexy every week on American Idol. (I’m always a bit more excited to see what she’s wearing than the Idol performances themselves!) But even when this diva trades the designer clothes and fancy shoes for something more comfy, she manages to make it look good too. How could she not when Under Armour‘s super trendy and fashionable fall pieces—the StudioLux Noir Collection—are so spot on that not only will you be excited to get into your workout clothes for the gym, but maybe wear them for a night out too.

As a fitness editor, I see an endless array of apparel hit my desk, but nothing has combined the trends, style, fashion, fit and such coolness as this new line from the design masters over at Under Armour. I can’t wait to get my hands on the, not one, but FIVE, super sexy black spandex tights (each is slightly different with a twist of Jennifer Lopez-ism that she would highly approve of), and the chic tank and cropped mini jacket combo. This is the lust-worthy collection that has fitness editors drooling over (maybe Vogue gals too!), but I’m loving that my favorite fit gal, J.Lo, got her hands on this apparel first, making it that much cooler.

Check out Jennifer Lopez wearing Under Armour’s newest StudioLux Noir jacket and pants in her newest video for her single “Follow The Leader”. (The collection goes on sale in August!)

Are YOU the Face of Under Armour’s New “What’s Beautiful” Challenge?

Written on May 2, 2012 at 12:07 pm , by

Be a fighter and tackle new goals! Natalie Uhling models Under Armour. (Photos courtesy of Under Armour)

If you’ve heard the buzz on Under Armour for women, it must not only be about their spot-on designs and gotta-have it apparel lately (seriously, how much do you love their cute capris and colorful headbands? I do!)—but you’ve also maybe heard the chatter about their search for the next best female athletes (a la American Idol but fitness queen style). With their innovative “What’s Beautiful” Challenge, Under Armour will take their mission a step further than helping you look good while you work out—they’re casting a call for everyday women to be the new face of their brand. Could that be you?

This campaign shows us that women should embrace the beauty of a strong body, a physically fit mind and a hardcore attitude—redefining strength and tenacity for the ladies. So Under Armour is asking you to pledge a goal, put in the training, and see you make it happen. Maybe you want to run your first half-marathon by summer, participate in a triathlon or maybe tackle a Spartan race, or simply accomplish 50 push-ups without stopping or lose the baby weight by running a 5K every week. Whatever your goal may be, put it in writing and get it done!

Today more than ever, women are becoming the face of what it means to be strong and fit. Women have shown their drive and determination to take on not only new challenges but obstacles too. Shalane Flanagan ran her first marathon a little over a year ago and this summer she will take on the best in the world to go for the gold. The fighting underdog, Lolo Jones, whose first attempt in the Summer Games ended with a simple error, has practiced intensely for the past four years for the 7 seconds it should take her to win in London. Our favorite role models, like Shalane and Lolo, may be at the top of the leader boards, but their commitment to rise to the top is something we all can look up to and learn from. And we don’t have to compete in the Olympics to do so….

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