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U.S. Open

How Pro Surfer Carissa Moore Stays Balanced On and Off the Waves

Written on September 4, 2013 at 11:19 am , by


Moore stays balanced both on and off the board. (Photo courtesy of Target)

Written by Kristen Haney, editorial intern

It’s no secret that surfers look great in a bikini, but balancing on the board isn’t the only thing that keeps them in killer shape. To keep in top competition form, pro surfer Carissa Moore relies on a winning combo of hitting the gym with a personal trainer and relaxing with her family, and her work-life balance has definitely paid off. The laidback Hawaii native scored a Target sponsorship in 2009 after becoming the youngest surfer to win a Vans Triple Crown, was the first woman to grace the cover of Surfer magazine in 14 years, and is the top contender for the ASP Women’s World Tour Champion title this year after winning the U.S. Open with two events left. Oh, and did we mention she accomplished all this before turning 21? Before she jetted off to France and Portugal to compete, Moore spilled on Hawaii’s down-under equivalent, the workout equipment that even throws off her stability, and her surprisingly laid back plans for a milestone birthday.

How did you first get involved with surfing?

I started when I was four or five years old, and it was actually my dad who got me into it. We still surf together almost every day, which is really cool.

It sounds like you’re very close with your family. How do you balance those relationships with your busy competition schedule?

I just have a really good support team. Everyone around me makes time for me and they want to be there when they can, and I’m very fortunate that I can bring both my dad and my boyfriend on tour with me. It just keeps me really happy on the road. I have fun balancing it all.

What’s been your favorite place to visit?

New Zealand is beautiful. If I had to live anyplace else it would probably be there because the people are really close to the type of people in Hawaii, where they’re just really warm and welcoming and easy to talk to.

How do you prepare for something like the U.S. Open? What  different workouts do you do on land?

Of course, I think the best training for surfing is surfing, but I do have a personal trainer that I work with about three times a week when I’m at home. I do most of my training when I’m home, and then when I go on the road it’s more of just maintaining and being healthy, happy and surfing really well.

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Victoria Azarenka Talks That U.S. Open Talk

Written on August 24, 2012 at 3:53 pm , by

Tennis champ Vika Azarenka (Photo courtesy of vikaazarenkatennis.com)

Written by Lauren Cardarelli, Freelance Editorial Assistant

The U.S. Open begins on Monday and we were rally—really—excited to chat with the top seed for the women’s tournament, Victoria “Vika” Azarenka. Here’s what we learned about the 23-year-old reigning Australian Open champion, her pre-match rituals and more.


Ritual for Return Aces. Athletes have all kinds of crazy pre-game routines they follow to get the ball rolling for the competition. Although Vika isn’t nearly as superstitious as her rival Serena Williams, she does like to shake her hips and dance during warm-up with an amped playlist. Her go-to beat? “Talk That Talk” by Rihanna.

Beat the Sun. Sun exposure on the court can be rough on both your game and skin. Vika’s gym bag essentials include a hat and a bottle of SPF to keep her glowing complexion protected from any damage.

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The Underdog at #1: Mardy Fish Talks US Open Tennis

Written on August 29, 2011 at 3:37 pm , by

Mardy Fish slams a backhand shot at the Legg Mason Tennis Classic earlier this month. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Certain tennis players are known more for their testy personalities (racquet throwing anyone?) or their flashy apparel than their swings or footwork. But 29-year-old tennis pro Mardy Fish is bringing his down-to-earth Midwestern attitude to the US Open beginning today, despite having every reason to bring some swagger. He’s hitting the court this year ranked as the top American and number eight in the world!

We spoke with the Olympic silver medalist and Generation UCAN athlete, who recently shed 30 pounds and 14 percent body fat and watched his game skyrocket, to learn more about his plans for the upcoming tournament and his intense training regimen.

How did you first get interested in tennis?

I come from an athletic family. My dad is a teaching pro, and I’ve really played as long as I can remember.

We hear you are buddies with Andy Roddick. How did you meet?

We went to the same high school and played on the same tennis and basketball teams. Our high school had a pretty good tennis team back then! Now when we get together, we don’t talk much about the sport.

And now you’re the top ranked American male tennis player. How does that feel?

It’s definitely different for me! Andy Roddick has been the top American for so long. It comes with a bit of pressure, but it’s good pressure.

In less than six months, you lost 30 pounds and your body fat went from 21 to seven percent—wow! How did you do it?

I stayed away from junk food and counted calories. My goal was to eat 400 to 600 calories less than I was burning throughout the day, so I’d lose weight at a healthy pace. I was so into the results that I was getting that it was really easy to stick to the plan. Although I did allow myself a break last Thanksgiving when I treated myself to some gravy and bread! The changes on the scale motivated me—it essentially became a game. And the discipline that I used to lose weight and stay on my diet spilled into my tennis.

Mardy spilled about his rivals and a pre-tourney training day. Click below to get the scoop!

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