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thanksgiving eatings tips

How to Give Your Thanksgiving Plate a Healthy Makeover

Written on November 22, 2011 at 7:00 am , by

Gobble down Thanksgiving favorites without the guilt this year. (Photo courtesy of Blaine Moats)

Mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie: Thanksgiving is the day that many of us eat anything (and everything) we want. With the average Thanksgiving meal running 4,500 calories and 229 grams of fat, it can be hard to manage the day when you’re watching your weight or counting calories. To make the day healthy, enjoyable, but still indulgent, here are a few tips on creating a Thanksgiving-day plate — especially when you’re not in charge of the cooking — that won’t blow your calorie counts for the day.

Use a Smaller Plate
Studies show that food intake is related to plate size. We’re taught to fill our plates and eat every last morsel from them; very often we finish our food before that “full feeling” even has a chance to reach us. Prevent mindless eating by using a smaller plate at dinner (aim for a plate that’s between eight and 10 inches); if your host doesn’t have a smaller plate, don’t feel the need to entirely cover the one you are using or have to finish everything you served yourself.

Think About Portions
The last thing you want to do is to feel like you are depriving yourself on Thanksgiving, so don’t. Instead of telling yourself certain foods are off limits, just be smart about your serving sizes. Avoid making huge piles on your plate; instead give yourself a small taste of everything with an emphasis on whole grains, veggies, and protein. Need a little more guidance? Follow these tips for getting portions under control.

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