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taste tests

We Tried It: New Snack Bars From Luna and Kind

Written on June 21, 2012 at 2:46 pm , by

How do some of the new bars stack up? (Photo by Claire Benoist)

New snack bars seem to pop up on supermarket shelves nearly every week. With so many options, it’s hard to know which are worth your money—and calories. Recently, readers and staff members chewed and scored for our best bar food awards, and since then a few new items have caught our eye. The FITNESS team did the tasty work of testing out the latest in the Luna Fiber and Kind lines. Read on for their honest feedback!

Luna Fiber Vanilla Blueberry

  • “I loved the rich blueberry taste and at 110 calories, it’s a great go-to snack for my 3 p.m. munchies.” — Kathy Green, managing editor

Luna Fiber Chocolate Raspberry

  • “For 110 calories, I think you might as well have a real cookie. I really like the crunchy Luna bars, so I was surprised at the over-syrupy, artificial taste.” — Betty Wong, editor in chief

Luna Fiber Peanut Butter Strawberry

  • “I immediately noticed the strawberry flavor, then the peanut butter hit my taste buds after. This would be a good on-the-go treat before hitting the gym.” — Samantha Shelton, editorial assistant

Kind Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt

  • “The first bite was so flavorful and had a lot of depth. It was crunchy and is truly one of the best bars I’ve ever had. I have to buy a crate and keep them in my fridge.” — Lapo Belmestieri, freelance designer

Kind Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan

  • “This tasted like French toast drizzled in dark chocolate!” — Colleen Moody, web editor

Kind Cashew & Ginger Spice

  • “It’s nice and crunchy, and since it’s mostly nuts, you could tell that it doesn’t have the filler junk that a lot of snack bars do. It wasn’t too sweet, which I like, but it was filling. Even half would be a good post-workout snack!” — Lisa Turner, editorial intern

Now tell us: What are your favorite snack/breakfast/energy bars?

We Tried It: Coco Cafe

Written on December 13, 2011 at 9:59 am , by

Coco Cafe's Coconut Water Cafe Latte. (Photo courtesy of Coco Cafe)

We’re big fans of coconut water and coffee, so when we heard about Coco Cafe’s newest product that combines the two, we were eager to give it a shot.

Coco Cafe’s Coconut Water Cafe Latte (available online and at 200 stores nationwide, including select Whole Foods Markets) is a mix of all-natural and fair trade organic espresso, coconut water and 2 percent milk. Together, these ingredients give you a refreshing boost, which we think both coconut water and coffee lovers will enjoy.

Here’s what our editors had to say about the drink:

“I admit, I was skeptical about the combination of coconut water and coffee at first, but this drink tasted just like an iced latte but without all the extra sugar. It got me through my afternoon of errands.” — Marianne Magno, associate web editor

“This little guy tasted just like an iced frappuccino without all the calories and guilt that I usually feel along with them. It pepped me up during my usual 3 p.m. slump without making me feel sluggish later from a sugar crash, like I usually do with coffee or anything else that is caffeinated.” — Colleen Moody, web editor

“I love coconut water and coffee. It’s a great match. It has a rich taste, but not too heavy, which I like.” — Cheri Crump-O’Donoghue, sittings editor

Tell us: Would you drink coconut water coffee?

Taste Test: Does “Supercandy” SNAP Infusion Measure Up?

Written on September 13, 2011 at 3:19 pm , by


Photo courtesy of Formula PR

We all love indulging in candy once in a while, and with Halloween right around the corner (can you believe we’re halfway through September?), stores are flooding the candy aisles with every variety you can think of. One new treat to hit the shelves? SNAP Infusion, a “naturally designed supercandy” that’s supposed to be healthier than the regular stuff, yet taste just as good. We’re not ones to recommend a new product without giving it a whirl ourselves, so we had a little taste test in the office. Check out the results below!

We Tried: SNAP Tarts vs. Sweet Tarts

Winner: SNAP Tarts! “They taste a little bit like chewable vitamins, which I like,” says associate beauty editor April. “They have a satisfying tartness too, and I kept going back for more! I’d pick these over Sweet Tarts, especially knowing that they’re better for you.”

We Tried: SNAP Mel (caramel) vs. Rolo’s

Winner: Rolo’s…kind of. While our assistant fashion editor, Melissa, would instinctively go for a Rolo, she would pick up SNAP for help with portion control. “They taste yummy, are miniature, and they have vitamins and antioxidants,” she says. “What’s not to love?”

We Tried: SNAP Citrus Gum vs. Trident Layers’ “Wild Strawberry Tangy Citrus” Gum

Winner: It’s a tie. Digital director Christie wasn’t a fan, but says “if you like Fruity Pebbles, you’ll love this gum. Each piece is very flavorful at first, but there was a weird after taste.” Associate art director Lauren also noted the odd after taste, but says, “I love the idea of vitamins in gum. I would definitely chew it for something sweet.”

SNAP will also be featuring a gummy and bean soon! Check their website for updates on the official release.

Now tell us: Would you opt for a healthier candy, or splurge on the well-known treats?