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Fashion Diaries: Talking Shop With Olympic Swimmer Amanda Beard

Written on May 14, 2012 at 9:22 am , by

Amanda Beard, spokesmodel for Aqua Sphere. (Photo courtesy of Aqua Sphere Swimwear and Swimming Gear)

With the 2012 Olympics headed our way, we thought that Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard would be a great girl to catch up with. On top of being a star in the pool (did you know that she won her first Olympic medal when she was only 14?!), she’s a mom, a model and a philanthropist. Talk about someone who does it all!

Here’s what Amanda had to say:

What is one food that you absolutely can’t live without?

I love Mexican food. It’s my guilty pleasure!

What food do you eat right before a big meet, that you feel gives you the most energy?

Since Mexican food is not ideal before getting in the pool so before a meet or workout, I like to snack on PB&H (honey) sandwiches or smoothies. They’re both delicious, easy to make and help keep me energized.

Swimming requires a lot of body strength. What is your go-to workout move to help keep you strong?

The 18 x 100 breaststroke is one of my favorite strength-building workouts. I always walk away feeling energized, despite the fact that the minimal intervals between each repetition makes it a tough workout! [Editor's note: Sure sounds tough to us!]

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Fashion Diaries: Cover Girl

Written on April 20, 2012 at 2:06 pm , by

Now that our May 2012 issue is out on newsstands (happy 20th anniversary to us!), you’ve all gotten to see how awesome our cover girl, Elle MacPherson, looks. I hope I’m lucky enough to look as hot as she is when I’m 48! Wishful thinking? I think so.

The fashion team absolutely loved working with Elle. She was super-easy going, looked AH-MAZ-ING in everything we put her in (which always makes our job that much more fun!), and her laid back, surfer girl vibe made the set a fun place to be.

Since we want you to look as hot as Elle this summer, we’ve decided to share with you all of the buying information for the pieces that Elle sported on our duel covers. We hope you love it, as much as we do!

Tank: BCBG MaxAzria (similar style), Bikini Bottoms: Inca, Bracelets: Ariel Gordon, JADEtribe, JADEtribe, Robindira Unsworth (similar style), Melinda Maria, Melinda Maria

Top: Graham and Spencer, Bikini Bottoms: Melissa Odabash

Fashion Diaries: The Superkini

Written on July 22, 2011 at 9:33 am , by

You know when you cannonball into a pool and you feel your bikini top slide or you get pushed over by a wave in the ocean and you feel like you’ve lost your bottoms? Well fear no more ladies, the bikini bloopers can be gone forever with one simple cure. O’Neill, one of our favorite surf brands, has come to our rescue with one of the coolest bikinis ever: the SUPERKINI, the bikini that sticks with you. Literally.

Here’s how it works: By using a brand new material called NANOFRONT (it’s super comfortable!), there is 200 percent more grip than a standard Lycra suit, which creates a greater frictional force when wet. This will ensure minimal bikini slippage. Hello, new best friend!

Check out this cool new video that O’Neill has released about the Superkini One Way Runway. We’re amazed how well it actually works! It will be available next spring.

Now tell us: Have you ever had a swimsuit mishap?

Boost Your Swimsuit Confidence

Written on July 1, 2011 at 12:10 pm , by

Swimsuit Cover Up Girl

Photo courtesy of SparkPeople

Summer might be in full-swing, but we know how daunting bathing suit season can still be. Follow these easy ideas so that you can feel more comfortable baring it all on the beach:

  1. Shop for the bathing suit that fits your body well. Swimsuit technology has dramatically improved, allowing you to accentuate your most likable features and minimize those you are the most self-conscious about. There are loads of two-piece suits available which let you purchase a different size for your top and bottom. If you are lucky enough to have a bathing suit specialty shop in your area, skip the department store and head there. The sales personnel will be well trained in helping you find the best fitting and most pleasing suit.
  2. Buy a suit you love, not just one you think makes you “look thinner.” Rather than black, pick a color or pattern that makes you happy, and shows off your eyes and skin color.
  3. Choose a cover-up that fits beautifully. Hiding behind a big tank will make you feel frumpy and actually make you look larger. There are wonderful wraps, swim skirts and dresses that you will enjoy wearing.
  4. Have fun with accessories. Purchase fabulous sunglasses and a colorful floppy hat to shield you from the sun’s rays. These will draw attention to your face, not your body. If you love fun jewelry, don’t be afraid to wear it to the beach or pool. Inexpensive colorful, waterproof watches are all over the stores these days.
  5. Pay attention to your grooming. A great summer haircut, manicures, pedicures, leg waxing, faux tans, and waterproof make-up will make you feel better and put together.

Don’t let worries of how you look in a swimsuit spoil your summer fun. We are at our best when we are engaged in experiences that make us happy. Feel the warmth of the sun (but don’t forget your sunscreen!), bask in the coolness of the ocean or pool, relax in the comfort of family and friends around you, and be grateful that the lazy days of summer have finally come around again!

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