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Soak Up the Last of Summer with Super-Cute Sweats

Written on August 22, 2013 at 3:39 pm , by

We hate to be those people, but we’ve just come to the realization that our beloved summer nights are numbered. Being the beach bums that we are,  we’re not ready to ditch our bikinis and flip-flops yet, so we’ve taken to wearing our comfies on the beach when the sun starts to set and the salty air gets breezy.

But comfy doesn’t have to be frumpy. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite sweatshirts for you to keep warm in for those last few bonfires on the beach. All you have to do is throw one on over your favorite bikini (we’re obsessed with everything L*Space), and pair with denim cutoffs, for the perfect low maintenance, beachy-chic look.


Nike Rally Sweatshirt ($50, nike.com)

Billabong Here We Are Pullover ($40, billabong.com)

Rebecca Taylor Pullover ($350, rebeccataylor.com)

SoulCycle E Hoodie ($88, soul-cycle.com)

Aerie Classic Crew ($30, aerie.com)

Victoria’s Secret Pink Slouchy Crew ($45, victoriassecret.com)


Roxy Pros Reveal How You, Too, Can Rock The Waves and Teeny Bikinis

Written on May 7, 2013 at 9:17 am , by

When asked her favorite surfing destination, Monyca gushed about Mexico’s fun waves but as far as culture goes, she said, “I think Bali is really rad.” (Photo courtesy of ROXY)

“Follow your heart and dare!” The DVF Loves Roxy Spring 2013 line’s motto perfectly describes the collaboration’s bold prints and playful silhouettes. In celebration of this laid-back but confident surfer sprit, Roxy pros Kelia Moniz and Monyca Byrne-Wickey flaunted the new bikinis for the camera after lending a hand in the design process. We sat down with the two gals to hear about their recent epic ride. Read on to learn about Kelia and Monyca’s swimsuit requirements, bikini-friendly diet and why fitness is not just a passion, but their lifestyle. 

How did you two get into surfing?

KM: My dad was a professional surfer, so it was in the family. We were raised going to the beach—pretty much on the beach. My mom homeschooled us so surfing was a big part of my life. Every day after school (and during school!) we’d go to the beach and surf. And I have four brothers—it was something we did for fun. Being in Hawaii, there’s not much to do so the beach is pretty much our playground.
MBW: I grew up in a really small town—like literally two general stores, one gas station. There’s not a ton of stuff to do and so the beach is kind of like our playground. That’s where everybody goes after school to have fun. My family didn’t really surf. My sister surfed a bit, but I mostly learned from my two best friends growing up…they’re all boys and boys usually pick up surfing a lot easier than girls do so I always was trying to be as good as them and keep up. They’d really push me.

What do you look for when searching for the perfect suit?

MBW: Comfort is very important, especially in the water because you need something that’s tight to stay on, but at the same time you don’t want it digging into your neck or imprinting on your sides. You want it to stay on so a cross-back top is always really good. Something that’s not adjustable here [points to rib cage] so you’re not flying open. As far as bottoms go, I prefer regular—no ties or anything like that—because a lot of times you’re standing up on your board and you could get them caught on your hand…I want something that’s functional, comfortable and also looks cute on the beach. So if you’re going to the beach, the waves aren’t looking good and you decide you’re not going out, you’re still going to be really cute. And just as cute as all the other girls who aren’t surfing. I also prefer a smaller bottom just because I think it’s more flattering and you don’t get as crazy tan lines.

Do you draw your color/pattern inspiration from Hawaii or other places you visit during competition?

MBW: Sort of. I feel like there are some places we go that there’s definitely more of a style that we don’t see at home in Hawaii. In Australia, all the girls wear structured tops, like mostly bra tops and florescent colors. I do like a bra top, but I feel like for surfing, if you’re going to be out there for hours it can get really uncomfortable. It’s super cute; I still love it. I prefer pastels, florals and solids mostly. All the girls we travel with and all the girls on our team completely enjoy a different thing and the great thing is we’re all with Roxy and they have such a wide array of all that—there’s a print for everybody, there’s a style for everybody and there’s a color for everybody.
KM: [Monyca] loves, just like she said, a cross-back and I love triangle adjustable tops. I love tie sides.
MBW: And we’re super different surfers. I ride a short board and she rides a long board so she could even get away with wearing a bandeau because it’s not as rough.
KM: I’m above the water most of the time and I’m not duck diving where my top’s going to come off so I wear bandeaus all the time, especially to stay away from tan lines. Read more

Music Monday: The “Hold on to Summer” Edition

Written on September 10, 2012 at 10:40 am , by

We're not packing up our warm weather gear quite yet. (Photo by Joseph Montezinos)

We know, we know: the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day, was last week. But we’re starting a long list of the things we’re not quite ready to give up quite yet:

  • Our favorite pair of strappy sandals
  • Cute workout shorts and tanks
  • The bikini-ready abs we worked so hard to earn
  • Low maintenance, beachy hair…

That’s why we reached out to surfing star Carissa Moore, who recently took second place the the US Open of Surfing (catch all of the action this Saturday—find air times on redbullsignatureseries.com). Who better than an athlete who spends nearly all of her waking hours in the waves to help us hold on to that easy breezy summer feeling during our workouts all year long?

Now tell us: What song immediately sends you into summer mode?

Fit Links: How to Pick a Healthy Road Trip Snack and Support 8 Awesome Sports Charities

Written on June 15, 2012 at 2:08 pm , by

Trail mix, veggies and whole grain crackers make for excellent travel munchies. (Photo by Evan Sklar)

This week’s fit links from around the web:

Buy One Pair of Cute Flip-Flops, Give One Pair To Soles4Souls

Written on May 24, 2012 at 11:08 am , by

Your pair funds another pair for someone who can't afford them. (Photo courtesy of Planet Flops)

Did you know…

  • One in four adults across the globe live on less than $1 a day, making even daily essentials hard to afford
  • Feet with cuts can easily get infected by ground debris, and these infections can become life-threatening
  • In 2011, Americans tossed more than 300 million pairs of shoes

For these reasons and more (including our need to replace our gym flip-flops and gear up for summer!), we were pumped to hear about a new partnership with the non-profit Soles4Souls and Planet Flops. For each pair of the $28 sandals sold online, Planet Flops will donate another pair to those in need here in the U.S. and in developing countries including Haiti, India and Sudan.

Another neat way to help the cause: Download the new all-star country song “The Choice” by artists including Kellie Pickler, LeAnn Rimes, Keith Urban and more. All proceeds from the song go directly to help put shoes on feet of those without. Click here for a sample and/or to download.

And for more about Souls4Soles and other organizations that will help your fitness gear find a new life, check out this recent recycling roundup from our friends at FitSugar!

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Outrun the Sun to Support Skin Cancer Education and Research

Written on May 4, 2012 at 1:43 pm , by

A cover-up—and sunscreen—are the chicest summer accessories. (Photo by Amy Postle)

Unless you’re an elite runner, you’ve likely been intimidated toeing the starting line at a race. This month, there is a stress-free opportunity to complete your race—while helping a good cause—no matter where you live!

From now until May 31, you can sign up to Outrun (or walk) the Sun and complete a race on the day and at the distance of your choosing. Your $12 entry fee will support skin cancer education and melanoma research, so don’t forget your sunscreen, sunglasses and hat! It’s the perfect time to practice and support sun safety, as May is National Skin Cancer and Melanoma Awareness Month. Scary stat: Melanoma kills one American every hour and more than two million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year.

Runners, walkers and athletes of all kinds are often at higher risk than the general population, due to their frequent outdoor pursuits. So participants will receive more than the pride that comes with finishing a race—they will also get a reminder about the importance of sun safety.

For more about Outrun the Sun, click here.

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6 Tricks to Stay Slim All Spring and Summer Long

Written on April 26, 2012 at 12:15 pm , by

Burgers are still on the menu. Just balance them out with a side of veggies! (Photo by Peter Ardito)

True, the traditional “eating holidays” like Thanksgiving and Super Bowl Sunday occur during the colder months. No matter the month, though, diet disasters are sure to pop up. That’s why Karen Ansel, a registered dietitian in Long Island, New York, decided to write her new book with CNN diet and fitness expert Melina Jampolis, M.D. The Calendar Diet: A Month to Month Guide to Losing Weight While Living Life shows readers how to fit in their skinny jeans—and make smart, healthy choices—from Valentine’s Day to Cinco de Mayo to Halloween.

Here are Ansel’s top tips to outsmart seasonal diet traps:

  1. Pack travel snacks. “For car trips or when you’ll be staying at a hotel, bring energy bars and portion-controlled bags of nuts, crackers and dried fruit. This way, you won’t be as tempted by fast food restaurants or the hotel mini bar.”
  2. Store pantry staples. “The key to maintaining a healthy diet when you’re busy is a well-stocked pantry so you don’t dial for Chinese takeout on a busy evening or when you’re just back from a trip. Items like pasta and beans last a long time and can make a nice meal in a hurry.”
  3. Order drinks on ice. “Frosty drinks, like sweetened iced teas and margaritas, can increase your calorie total for the day very quickly. Ask for plenty of ice and order your margarita on the rocks rather than blended. It’s automatic portion control and will keep you from downing glass after glass too fast.”
  4. Skip the chips. “With Cinco de Mayo and outdoor picnics approaching, keep in mind that a few big handfuls of tortilla chips can be 500 calories! I tell me clients to skip them because it’s really hard to stop after just a few. Cut red and yellow peppers into strips and dip them into a mix of salsa and guacamole.”
  5. Go fish. “Shrimp fajitas and fish tacos are wise choices whether your hosting a barbecue or dining out. Skip the cheese and pile on veggies for a filling, satisfying meal.”
  6. Plan ahead. “It’s all about balance. If you know your dinner is going to be heavy on macaroni salad and hamburger buns, try to get plenty of protein, fruits and vegetables in your breakfast and lunch.”

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6 Exercises to Get You Surf-Ready For Summer

Written on April 6, 2012 at 11:55 am , by

Next up: riding the waves while standing! (Photo by Joseph Montezinos)

With spring break in full swing (or already passed for many!) thoughts turn to summer and upcoming getaways. If a beach getaway is in the books, a surf session is likely on the agenda. While it’s rare to have a surf school nearby in most areas of the country, there’s plenty you can do now to hit the waves feeling strong, prepared and confident.

“Pre-training is important for excelling, keeping safe and having fun with summer water sports,” says Rob Stuart, private trainer at The Sports Club/LA in Washington, D.C. Four to six weeks before your departure, follow Stuart’s plan for a three-pronged approach at a surf-ready (and beach-ready) body:

  1. Cardio 15 to 20 minutes three days a week
  2. Total-body strength training three days a week
  3. Yoga and swimming to complement

To hit all the muscle groups you’ll need on the board, try these seven moves during your strength sessions. Do three sets of 12 reps of each exercise.

 Now tell us: Are you planning a spring or summer getaway? If so, do you change your exercise routine beforehand?

The Best Ways to Scorch Calories in the Summer

Written on July 25, 2011 at 3:55 pm , by

    Yup, this beats that 3-miler I was scheduled for today. (Photo courtesy of Joseph Montezinos)

Yup, this beats that 3-miler I was scheduled for today. (Photo courtesy of Joseph Montezinos)

To say that the heat has hindered my half-marathon training lately would be an understatement. I’m a pretty dedicated runner, but when the temperature is hitting 90 degrees before 9 a.m., I throw in my very sweaty towel.

I managed to escape the heat by heading to the beach this weekend, though I couldn’t help but feel guilty that I was missing out on a 3-mile run. But I quickly came to realize that my day of sun and fun was actually a serious strength training session.

Between swimming in the ocean (which can burn up to 400 calories an hour), taking walks (you burn anywhere from 20 to 50 percent more calories on the sand), and playing a quick game of volleyball I managed not only to torch some major calories, but also work upper and lower-body muscles that I normally wouldn’t have touched on my usual jog.

Happy that the heat has temporarily subsided today, I made up my weekend run and came to work with slightly more toned biceps than I left with on Friday.

Now tell us: How have you been getting a workout in when the hot weather has kept you from your usual routine?

What’s Your Summer Adventure?

Written on July 20, 2011 at 4:16 pm , by

Wait, what do I do?

Wait, what do I do?

In the current issue of FITNESS (July/August, with Jillian Michaels on the cover!), our Editor in Chief writes about the rewards of having an adventure and going out of your comfort zone. When she was writing her note, Betty asked some of the other staffers about their summer adventures. And at the time, I had no idea exactly how far out of my safe space I was going to go…

For me, the thought of learning to surf was on the same level as me becoming an astronaut. I just assumed it would never happen because I’m like a cat when it comes to water; I get very frazzled when submerged in the stuff. But as I was getting ready to go on vacation, I felt more and more inspired to try something totally new. The truth is that I had often fantasized about riding the waves and pretending to be a chilled-out beach babe, instead of a high-strung New Yorker. So I scheduled a lesson with Baja Outback in San Jose del Cabo, and before I knew it, I was wearing a rash guard and looking out at the ocean.

Paddle, paddle, paddle...

Paddle, paddle, paddle...

My instructors had taught me the basics (in the sand, of course!) and one pro, Jorge, was going to stick by my side the whole time. I told him I was nervous, but I left out just how nervous…and decided to go with the flow, literally. “You have to challenge yourself, see what you can do! It’s the only way to live,” one of the Baja Outback people had said. So that’s what I did.

And would you believe it? I actually managed to get up on my surf board!

Sure it took a little bit of courage, but it also helped that the folks at Baja Outback were so supportive and talented…oh, and that the water was nice and warm! If you’ve never been surfing before and are thinking about it, take it from me: You can totally do it! A few tips I learned:

1. If you think you’re bending your knees enough, go lower. As a beginner, you’re never as low as you think you are, and my (unpublished) pictures prove it!

2. Keep your cool. You’re going to fall and you might swallow a gallon of water in the process. It’s okay.

And I'm up! YEAH!

And I'm up! YEAH!

3. Don’t think twice about who’s watching you from the shore. “It’s not about your ego,” Instructor Denise had said. “It’s just about you doing your best.”

4. Consider wearing board shorts or boy-short bikini bottoms. You are not starring in “Blue Crush” and a string bikini will not hold up when you crash into the water.

5. Don’t try to stay on your board until you get to shore; that’s where there are usually the most rocks. Go ahead and fall off about 15-20 feet out!

Any other surfing tips out there? What’s your summer adventure?

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