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summer music

Music Monday: Beauty Director Heather Muir’s Summer Playlist Picks

Written on July 8, 2013 at 10:42 am , by

Now that summer is officially in full swing (and bringing the heat!), we really want your playlists to pop. And don’t worry, we get it – your tastes vary. Heck, they’re ridiculously diverse amongst our staff! To keep everyone’s earbuds happy, we’re plugging you in to the songs that make us sweat. Every Monday will reveal a new editor’s playlist – pick one who lines up with your preferred beats, download their top tunes and get back to enjoying your workouts.


Heather Muir, Beauty Director

I’m a big fan of running one song and speed-walking the next, so I load my workout playlist with a variety of upbeat hip-hop songs that push me to run and slower pop and R&B songs I can walk to. Ultimately, I choose songs that have catchy beats and interesting lyricsones that make me happy so that when I’m not in the mood to workout, the music keeps me moving. I update my list often so I never get bored; if I hear a cool new song on the radio, at a party or on Pandora, I download it ASAP so I don’t forget to add it to my gym mix. Variety is the spice of life!

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