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stress tips

Your 5-Second Stress Fix This Holiday Week

Written on December 21, 2012 at 9:04 am , by

Feeling fried and frazzeled? Stop and SODA! (Photo courtesy of Reggie Casagrande)

As we gear up for a week filled with family, food, catching up with old friends and celebrating the season, times will certainly be jolly but more than likely, they’ll get a little tense too. In fact, past studies done by the American Psychological Association have shown that women get more stressed than men during the holidays due to home responsibilities, and because of this are more likely to fall into bad health habits, like comfort eating.

So if your Aunt Ida has one too many and starts spouting off at the mouth about your silverware choices (yet again) or you don’t know how you’ll possibly be able to finish all of your shopping before Santa’s sleigh rolls into town, take this tip from davidji, apprentice to Deepak Chopra and author of Secrets of Meditation: A Practical Guide to Inner Peace and Personal Transformation to SODA. And no, we don’t mean the drink!

  • S: Stop whatever you are doing.
  • O: Observe the moment and take a deep breath to calm yourself down.
  • D: Detach yourself from any drama taking place. Literally, take a step back!
  • A: Awaken to your best self. Ask yourself, “How would the best version of me respond to this?”

Feel better yet? Happy holidays from the FITNESS team and here’s to a happy and healthy 2013!

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Bravo Star Jenni Pulos’ Tips to Do It All (and Smell Pretty While Doing It!)

Written on February 9, 2012 at 2:10 pm , by

Jenni's biggest tip to keep it together? Don't over think, just do one thing at a time. (Photo courtesy of Secret)

Looking at Jenni Pulos’ resume would make any busy bee go cross-eyed. She’s starred in five seasons of Flipping Out with boss and interior design guru Jeff Lewis, she’s a rapper, an actress, planning a wedding, and is now embarking on a new show with Lewis called Interior Therapy, airing on Bravo in March. It goes without saying that a woman with a hectic schedule like hers needs a good deodorant!  That’s why she’s partnered up with Secret Outlast in their latest campaign to protect women against odor and give them peace of mind (in a recent survey from Secret, women said forgetting deodorant would affect their day more than forgetting to put on makeup!) We chatted with Pulos on how she tackles her steep to-do list while getting in shape for her upcoming wedding.

We love the new ad! Tell us about the shoot and your partnership with Secret.

This shoot was so fun, but it was 15 hours! I used the deodorant before we started and was expecting to be sweating by 3 p.m. (what we refer to as the “hour of ick”) but I was dry as a bone. I can appreciate a product like this because of my lifestyle. I’m in the car all day with Jeff and he is not only OCD, but also very sensitive to smell, so this really saves any awkward car rides that might ensue. I don’t get a chance to look in the mirror that often at work since we are always on the go, and this gives me one less thing to think about.

What are some of your best time-saving tips you’ve picked up with your job?

For work and in my personal life, physically writing down a to-do list is helpful. It’s good to jot everything down and then start chopping away one thing at a time. It sounds silly, but small things like putting your keys in the same spot and making sure you put your credit cards away are the biggest time savers. Little things like that will help you keep it all together. If not, you’re spending ten minutes digging through your purse to find everything.

We learned from filming Interior Therapy that organization is key. After that I went home and cleaned out my closets and reorganized my entire house. It was time consuming but I knew that getting rid of the clutter would save me time in the long run. Also, don’t think too much about it! When you’re deciding what clothes to donate, just do it. The more you think the more you’ll start to second guess and then that shirt will end up right back in your closet.

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