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sprint 2 the table

Fit Blogger We Love: Sprint 2 The Table

Written on March 22, 2012 at 1:15 pm , by

Laura (left) and her family are all smiles after a Thanksgiving 10K!

If you’re looking for a foodie friend who’s willing to sprinkle in some fitness, Laura is your girl. Her quick, easy recipes at Sprint 2 The Table inspire us to hit the kitchen, and her running adventures in between meals are just as satisfying. We caught up with this fit blogger to find out which race she’s dying to run and what she can’t head to the gym without.

On my fit life list: The Nike Women’s Marathon. I’ve never run a marathon and this race awards Tiffany’s necklaces rather than medals. What better motivation is there than that?

My fave fit snack: I am a smoothie fanatic. Post-workout, there’s nothing I love more than a Liquid Sweet Potato Pie protein shake. The protein helps build muscle and the sweet potato adds some much-needed carbs for energy. It sounds weird, but I promise it’s heaven in a glass.

Biggest indulgence: There’s a restaurant in Atlanta that sells something called a “Nemesis cake.” This flourless chocolate cake with a glass of Zinfadel is my nemesis.

My fitness mantra: To borrow from a T-shirt slogan, it’s “Every Damn Day.” I try to do something every day to get moving. My job requires me to sit at a desk most days, so getting just 30 minutes of movement in does wonders for my fitness level, not to mention my sanity!

My gym bag must-have: Gum. I cannot work out without a piece in my mouth. People laugh at me in the gym when I’m blowing bubble while pumping iron!

We’re a big fan of Laura’s quick, healthy recipes, so we asked her to share a favorite. Check out the recipe below!

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