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Red Carpet

Rock Your Own Red Carpet (Or Other Big Event)

Written on February 24, 2012 at 5:25 pm , by

Follow these tips to look fabulous at your next big moment. (Photo courtesy of Golin Harris)

While it’s true awards season is winding down, that doesn’t mean other big events aren’t about to crank up the heat (wedding season is quickly approaching!). Slim-Fast is encouraging women to turn special occasions—a red carpet event, wedding, vacation, reunion or something else spectacular—into a major “wow!” moment that leaves people turning heads.

So how can you get your “wow” on? Slim-Fast gathered a team of experts to create the Studio WOW! team, including fashion stylist Jacqui Stafford, celebrity hair and makeup stylist Joey Maalouf (he did Jessica Alba’s hair for this year’s Golden Globes!) famous photographer known for his role on America’s Next Top Model, Nigel Barker, and Slim-Fast nutritionist Ali Auerbach, R.D.

We nabbed some quick tips from the pros to help you dazzle the audience at your next event.

From fashion stylist Jacqui Stafford:

  • Embrace color. “I’ve never met a woman who doesn’t look good in red,” Stafford says. “She always looks confident, classic and feminine.” Try a dress in the vibrant hue that closely follows your frame for a slimming effect.
  • It’s all about the little things. Stafford showed us five fast, simple ways to change a look using only one accessory. Can you guess it? A scarf! Tie it around your waist for a belted look, or drape it for the circle scarf look that’s hot right now.
  • Don’t douse yourself with trends. We’re all about pulling brilliant ideas from the runway, but remember to keep it realistic. “Fuschia is a hot color for spring,” Stafford says. “Incorporate it into your look with accessories, like an eye-catching handbag or belt.”

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How Stacy Keibler Gets Red Carpet-Ready

Written on January 23, 2012 at 3:36 pm , by

Stacy Kiebler shows off a high kick while playing Your Shape Fitness Evolved. (Photo courtesy of Cohn & Wolfe PR)

Awards season is in full swing and we can’t help but wonder how these celebs manage to look so good. And what’s a girl without access to expensive Hollywood trainers and stylists to do? We caught up with actress, model and former wrestler Stacy Keibler (who looked stunning on the arm of boyfriend George Clooney at last week’s Golden Globes!) to learn about the new game she uses at home to keep her svelte figure looking fabulous for the red carpet.

First of all, you look great! How often do you workout each week?

I always try to fit in some type of activity every day, but just like everyone else’s schedules, some days are busier than others. I’m a big believer in being active no matter what, so even if I only have a few minutes to squeeze some moves in, it’s better than nothing.

What are your go-to moves for those busy days?

I love lunges, especially because you don’t need any equipment to do them. So no matter where you are, you have those to fall back on.

What about when you have some time, but just can’t get to the gym?

Home workouts are just as effective as ones done in the gym. It’s all about how much effort you put into it. That’s why I love Ubisoft’s new game, Your Shape Fitness Evolved. I can design the workout exactly the way I want to, but it still guides me to make sure I’m getting a really great workout.

How exactly does it guide you?

Once you turn it on, a hologram of yourself appears on the TV and it matches all of your movements. As you work out, you can watch that hologram with a trainer next to you, and if your moves aren’t being done correctly, the trainer will tell you how to fix it.

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Editors’ Picks: The 7 Best Oscar Looks of 2011

Written on February 28, 2011 at 2:56 pm , by

Gwyneth Paltrow at the 2011 Academy Awards. Screenshot courtesy of YouTube, E! News.

There has been a lot of buzz here today at FITNESS about last night’s Academy Awards show. But what seems to be on everyone’s minds more than anything are the glamourous red carpet looks…so let’s talk fashion! After chatting with some of the editors in the office, the ladies of the fashion department have compiled a list of our 7 favorite red carpet beauties:

Let’s start with Weight Watchers spokeswoman, Jennifer Hudson. How gorgeous did she look in that tangerine Atelier Versace gown? After losing 80 pounds and looking that fabulous, we think Jennifer could have rocked the Oscars in anything. You go girl!

The Jennifer’s were stealing the show last night, because we thought Jennifer Lawrence looked visionary in a red Calvin Klein column dress. The simplicity of the dress, with the va-va-voom of her luscious blonde locks made her a bombshell in our eyes.

Helen Mirren’s classic and sophisticated style totally stole our votes as one of the best dressed last night. The pewter Vivienne Westwood dress that she wore fit her perfectly, and with just the right amount of sparkling jewels, we think she set the bar high. Take notes, ladies, take notes!

Adding some sparkle to the red carpet was Mandy Moore, in a stunning Monique Lhuillier gown. The sheer bodice and tulle skirt accentuated Mandy in all of the right places, showing off her long and lean limbs. And those beads! How gorgeous?!

On the more fashion-forward end, we thought Gwyneth Paltrow and Cate Blanchett took the cake. Gwyneth donned a beautiful Calvin Klein column dress with a tasteful plunging neck-line and a Louis Vuitton broach, which made her look statuesque, yet effortless. Cate’s lavender Givenchy gown with structured shoulders was soft and romantic, but with a little hit of unexpected yellow beading, she was able to score our vote for best dressed!

There seems to be a general conscious though, that Camila Alves was the show-stopper in a black Kaufman Franco gown, paired with understated, yet glamorous jewels. Come on now, who wouldn’t want to wear that stunning dress? And to stand next to Matthew McConaughey? What a lucky lady!

We would love to know what you think of our list! Share you thoughts and tell us who you thought rocked the red carpet at the 2011 Academy Awards!

Get Hilary’s Hot Arms!

Written on January 31, 2011 at 11:11 am , by

Swank showed off strong arms at last night's SAG Awards.

Swank showed off strong arms at last night's SAG Awards.

One accessory we couldn’t ignore on last night’s Screen Actor’s Guild Red Carpet? Sculpted arms! Amy Adams, Julianna Marguiles, Eva Longoria, Kyra Sedgwick and especially Hilary Swank (left and below) were showing off seriously toned upper bodies.

If you want this look for yourself, check out these three moves that FITNESS snagged from the trainers that helped Swank get in Million Dollar Baby shape. All you need is a resistance band, a set of stairs and a chair.

1. Chest flye: Tie a resistance band or tubing around a sturdy object at about chest height. Stand facing away from the anchor point, holding one end of band in each hand with feet staggered and arms out to sides, palms facing forward. Slowly bring ends of band together in front of chest, rotating palms down. Slowly return to start, keeping elbows slightly bent; repeat. Do as many reps as you can without losing form.

Swank looking radiant on the red carpet.

Swank looking radiant on the red carpet.

2. Triceps extension: Untie the band and place one end under right foot, holding other end in right hand. Raise right arm next to head, keeping elbow bent and close to ear. Slowly extend arm, then lower to start and repeat. Do as many reps as you can; switch sides.

3. Biceps curl: Stand on center of band, feet shoulder-width apart. Hold one end of band in each hand, palms facing up and elbows close to sides. Keeping elbows pressed into rib cage, slowly curl hands toward shoulders, keeping wrists straight. Lower and repeat; do as many reps as you can.

Whose look were you loving on the SAG red carpet?