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Reality TV

What’s Next for the Tone It Up Girls

Written on February 11, 2014 at 9:00 am , by

Photo by John Segesta.

Photo by John Segesta.

With so many fitness influencers on the web, it’s been fun to see the uber-popular Tone It Up girls, Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn, get the television spotlight for the past few weeks. Last Thursday was the final episode of Bravo’s reality TV series, Toned Up, which has followed the pair as they navigate both professional and personal challenges.

What’s next for the girls and what did they think of the reality TV experience? Find out:

FITNESS: How has your fan base changed since the show premiered?

TIU: It’s incredible how much the Tone It Up community has grown.  There are more women than ever getting together all over the globe for meet-ups, workouts and just making new friends.  The community welcomes each new member with open arms and we’re so grateful that we can make a positive impact in women’s lives.

FITNESS: What do you hope viewers took away from watching you run your business?

TIU: There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of Tone It Up; and on Bravo you just catch a glimpse.  We just hope that we can inspire other women to follow their dreams and do what their passionate about.

FITNESS: What has been your favorite part in general of this experience?

TIU: The entire experience has been a blast!  Since the start of Tone It Up we have been approached for TV, but nothing felt right.  Once Bravo came to us, we loved that we were able to show behind the scenes of our lives and how Tone It Up is run without having to quit our ‘day jobs’.

FITNESS: Now that the show is wrapping up, what’s next for you girls?

TIU: This year is huge for Tone It Up!  We’re gearing up to film and plan our 4th annual Bikini Series that launches in April.  It’s 8 weeks to get ready for summer!  We’re expanding our Perfect Fit product line with a multi-vitamin for women, coconut water and more flavors of bars.  Our new bikini line is releasing in March, our signature series of sunglasses with Oakley releases in June and we’ll be shooting a another self produced DVD series this summer.  We’re also having our first official Tone It Up Retreat in September!  We’re really excited about this, it’s a weekend of workouts, beach time, surfing, beach volleyball, music and fun with all our TIU Team! Hopefully we will have Season 2 to capture it all so everyone gets an inside look!

The Quirky Way A “Vampire Diaries” Star Stays Fit

Written on November 6, 2012 at 9:00 am , by

You may also recognize 28-year-old DeVitto from “One Tree Hill.” (Photo by Marc Cartwright)

Often, when you read interviews with celebrities about their fitness routines, you hear about their frequent appointments with trainers. Some even travel with their workout gurus!

That’s why it was refreshing to speak Torrey DeVitto of “The Vampire Diaries” and “Pretty Little Liars,” who prefers to sweat at home and with the masses at the gym. Keep reading to find out what else DeVitto does to stay healthy with a busy filming schedule.

Tell us about your fitness routine.

I used to be really into Pilates and hot yoga. I have a friend whose fiance is really into CrossFit, and right around the time when I learned that, I had watched the movie Warrior. I was inspired to try CrossFit myself! I’ve been going three times a week for the past month and love it. It’s so much fun, almost like a relay, and is always different. I’m so much stronger already.

My other fitness hobby is hula hoop dancing! After seeing a photo of a friend doing it on Facebook, I asked my mom for a Hoopnotica kit for Christmas. The hoop came with a DVD and I learned every move. I’d say I do it for an hour a day. Sometimes I just hoop along to music on YouTube, other times I take it to the park. I’d never been as sore in my life as I was when I was learning how to use the hoop.

Wow! It sounds like you’re very active. What do you eat to fuel all of your exercise?

I try so hard to eat well, but have to admit that I eat like crap sometimes. I’m such a sucker for bagels and barbecue chips. I don’t count calories, but try to eat the way my body wants me to eat most of the time. I love to grab cranberry tuna salads and kale salads from Whole Foods.

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5 Ways “Empire Girl” Adrienne Bailon Stays Fashionably Fit

Written on September 7, 2012 at 8:41 am , by

Bailon's gym uniform often includes capri leggings and brightly-colored accessories. (Photo by Tim Hiatt/Getty Images)

Actress and singer Adrienne Bailon is known for her former role on The Cheetah Girls, for being a founding member of the music group 3LW (remember “Playas Gon’ Play“?) and today for her reality show Empire Girls. Now, in addition to her series that “focuses on friendship and following your dreams rather than fighting,” according to Bailon, she is recording a solo album, working on an upcoming film and is in talks to expand into the fashion world.

Bailon recently teamed up with Lady Foot Locker to celebrate their Fashionably Fit “refresh.” The campaign aims to make stores brighter, cheerier and filled with bolder clothing and different music. We spoke with Bailon before an event in Chicago to find out her top five tips to look stylish while sweating.

  1. Invest in quality clothing. “You feel better when you look better while exercising. I get inspired to go to the gym if I feel good in my workout clothes.”
  2. Save time with multitasking wardrobe items. “My go-to outfit is capri pants with a bright top and Nike sneakers. The gym can really feel like a fashion show with the vibrant colors on the racks now! What I love most is that if I make smart fashion choices, I can throw on a hoodie and meet my girls for brunch right after.”
  3. Aim to be your best you.“My goal is to have the body of my dreams by age 30, but that’s strong and toned, not skinny.”
  4. Make the most of today. “I get up at 5 a.m. to hit the treadmill and don’t stop working toward my goals—in all areas of life—until I hit the pillow. There are so many things I want to accomplish and I don’t want to have any regrets!”
  5. Find a role model. “If I could join any other celebrity in the gym, it would be Beyonce. She’s extremely focused, so I know I would try hard to keep up with her. I wouldn’t be messing around with Instagram, that’s for sure! Even when I’m working out solo, her music motivates me.”

Now tell us: What is your favorite fitness outfit?

Country Music Star Kellie Pickler’s Beauty and Fitness Secrets

Written on June 26, 2012 at 12:23 pm , by

Pickler sounds just as pitch perfect in person as on her new album. (Photo by Russ Harrington)

Kellie Pickler broke onto the music scene at age 19 when she made it to the top six on season five of American Idol. The bubbly country star has only garnered more fans since the show, releasing three albums (including “100 Proof” earlier this year), winning PETA’s “World Sexiest Vegetarian” title and marrying songwriter Kyle Jacobs. All of this joy comes from a past filled with struggle—she was raised by her grandparents after her mom left when she was two and her dad was in and out of jail.

Most recently, the low-key Pickler (“If I’m not working, I’m in a ponytail, baseball cap and boots,” she says) signed on to be the face of Tone Skincare’s new Fruit Peel Body Wash. In honor of the partnership, we sat down with her to learn more about her beauty routine, fitness habits and musical inspirations.

“100 Proof” seems to be your best-reviewed album so far. What do you attribute that to?
I made it as country as I was allowed to! Traditional country is my favorite style. Everyone’s definition of country is different, but there’s room for it all. I co-wrote six songs on this album, including one with my husband called “Mother’s Day.” The album is really a reflection of my soul.

In “Mother’s Day” you sing about someday possibly having a loving relationship with a daughter of your own. Have you and Kyle given any thoughts to expanding your family?
That’s something that is important to talk about before you get married! You have to make sure you both want the same things. We’re not actively trying, but if it happens, it happens.

As a vegetarian, what are some of your favorite foods?
I love vegetables. Asparagus is my favorite and I really enjoy grilled onions, peppers, zucchini and squash. I love fruit too and drink a lot of water to get all of the junk out! It’s really true about “you are what you eat.” What you eat really is reflected on the outside. Still, I splurge and have a cake and ice cream, just not everyday.

Keep reading to find out how Pickler stays fit without the gym and which reality shows she tunes in for!

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Getting Real—and Fit—With One of the New Housewives of NYC

Written on May 31, 2012 at 12:16 pm , by

Aviva (in yellow) enjoys active days with her family. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

All too often, every scene on reality TV seems to be about glamorous red carpet moments and fabulous, over-the-top trips. One of the latest additions to the cast of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York (catch the season five premiere on Monday), Aviva Drescher, will tell you that life can get messy. In fact, when we caught up with her, she was trying to manage a couple sick kids, all while doing phone interviews from her busy apartment.

Drescher knows how to overcome hard times: she lost her leg in a farming accident at age six. But hasn’t let the amputation define the way she lives and the experience hasn’t slowed her down one bit! Keep reading to learn more about how Drescher stays healthy and how she feels about the reality TV trend.

What has surprised you the most about taping a reality show?

It’s 10 times more work than I had anticipated. I filmed 180 scenes, and 85 percent of that doesn’t get used. It’s not just going to lunch—filming is actually a really hard job! I don’t want to roll out of bed in sweats since millions of people are potentially watching, so planning all of the outfits takes some time. Plus, Bravo doesn’t provide hair and makeup. You’re on your own with that.

The crew is really nice. There are so many people involved to make a great show—it’s not just [executive producer] Andy Cohen and a camera!

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Jennifer Lopez is HOT in Under Armour!

Written on May 15, 2012 at 1:04 pm , by

One of my favorite celebrities, Jennifer Lopez, looks ridiculously fit, awesome and pretty darn sexy every week on American Idol. (I’m always a bit more excited to see what she’s wearing than the Idol performances themselves!) But even when this diva trades the designer clothes and fancy shoes for something more comfy, she manages to make it look good too. How could she not when Under Armour‘s super trendy and fashionable fall pieces—the StudioLux Noir Collection—are so spot on that not only will you be excited to get into your workout clothes for the gym, but maybe wear them for a night out too.

As a fitness editor, I see an endless array of apparel hit my desk, but nothing has combined the trends, style, fashion, fit and such coolness as this new line from the design masters over at Under Armour. I can’t wait to get my hands on the, not one, but FIVE, super sexy black spandex tights (each is slightly different with a twist of Jennifer Lopez-ism that she would highly approve of), and the chic tank and cropped mini jacket combo. This is the lust-worthy collection that has fitness editors drooling over (maybe Vogue gals too!), but I’m loving that my favorite fit gal, J.Lo, got her hands on this apparel first, making it that much cooler.

Check out Jennifer Lopez wearing Under Armour’s newest StudioLux Noir jacket and pants in her newest video for her single “Follow The Leader”. (The collection goes on sale in August!)

ESPN Host Mike Greenberg Lost a Bet…And Takes on Dancing With the Stars

Written on May 8, 2012 at 1:18 pm , by

"Greeny" smiles with partner Anna Trebunskaya at the end of his dance. (Photo courtesy of ESPN, Inc.)

Sure, March Madness pools are nothing new. But the stakes on the line when ESPN’s Mike & Mike get involved crank up the excitement considerably!

This year, Mike Greenberg (AKA Greeny), lost the wager to his co-host Mike Golic and had to perform a cha-cha with Dancing With the Stars pro Anna Trebunskaya live on ESPN2…with one day of practice. We spoke with Greeny, who also recently had a guest hosting gig on Live With Kelly, right before he began training for this morning’s big show to see if we should place our bets on him.

Which is more intimidating: Hosting with Kelly Ripa or dancing on live TV?

It’s about a dead heat, although I wouldn’t say that hosting Live With Kelly was intimidating—it was exciting. Doing this dance is very scary. I have more confidence hosting than dancing!

Have you done much dancing in the past?

I chair dance regularly on the air during our show, but beyond that, my 11-year-old daughter makes me stop. This will be my two-minute reprieve! I basically get one full day of cramming with Anna, and we’ll give it our best shot.

Have any athletes or performers from Dancing With the Stars inspired you?

Look, all of the athletes have been great. I was thrown off the high school chess team for not being athletic enough! In terms of dancing skills, I think Cloris Leachman might be more fair competition than going up against one of the athletes who have been on the show.

To see if Greeny would bet on March Madness again, and to watch the performance itself, click below!

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Dancing With the Stars Pro Peta Murgatroyd Picks Her Top Three Dancers of the Season!

Written on April 30, 2012 at 10:12 am , by

Before DWTS, New Zealand-born Murgatroyd performed in the Broadway show "Burn the Floor." (Photo courtesy of Rod Foster Photography)

Last week on Dancing With the Stars, pro Peta Murgatroyd and her partner, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver, aced their fox trot during the Motown challenge. The previous week, they were on the top of the leader board with their paso doble during rock week. It’s beginning to look like this is one of the pairs that will surely be tough to beat!

As they were preparing for the classical challenge tonight, we caught up with Murgatroyd to learn more about her partnership with Driver and what it really takes to pull together those impressive routines.

I predict the three couples in the finals will include… “Fingers crossed, Donald and I will make it! Katherine [Jenkins] has amazing skills and William [Levy] has the fan base. But there are a lot of great dancers this season who could surely go to the end!”

My favorite season so far… “I’ve only been on two, but when I was with Meta World Peace [nee Ron Artest], we were knocked out in the first round. Donald is dedicated, willing to put in the hours and is so kind. We’re working so hard for the mirrorball trophy and are planning to add better skills and harder choreography moving forward.”

To prepare for one show… “We dance at least six hours daily, and sometimes come back in the evening for more. Then Donald goes home to his family—he’s great at balancing it all!”

The cameras don’t catch… “Despite the strong competition, everyone becomes a big family. I’m really good friends with Katherine and Maks [Chmerkovskiy].”

My celebrity dream partner… “Justin Timberlake, Kellan Lutz or George Clooney.” [Editor's note: We're right there with Peta on these picks!]

The theme week I wish we would do… “I love R&B and hip-hop music and would love to dance to that on the show.”

To feel confident in my skimpy outfits… “I just tell myself to suck it up! It does help that I get to work with the designers who make the dress so they take my input into account.”

Now tell us: Which celebrities do you think will make the final cut on this season of DWTS?

The Biggest Loser Season 12 Finale Sneak Peek: Tips from Past Winners and Contestants

Written on December 13, 2011 at 5:49 pm , by

Chef Devin Alexander prepared an amazing spread.

Guest post by Lara McGlashan, freelance writer

Though it was 45 degrees outside, the atmosphere inside the home of Chef Devin Alexander was warm and inviting, as more than 40 guests gathered over a healthy meal on the top floor of her southern California home. But these weren’t just any guests: these were Biggest Loser veterans!

With cast members in attendance from seasons 2 through 11, the camaraderie at Devin’s was palpable as she hosted the pre-finale dinner for season 12. Raucous laughter, insider stories and endless ribbing charged the evening with festive fun, as Devin served up a delicious meal featuring Jenny-O turkey, plenty of salad and greens, and some of her delectable brownie bites.

As they ate the delicious food and sipped Zevia soft drinks (and perhaps a glass of wine here and there—but who’s telling?) the group bonded over war stories and successes. Though many were meeting for the first time, somehow their collective journeys had already made them family.

FITNESS snagged a few choice sound bites from the festivities:

  • Austin from season 11 has a serious girlfriend and a steady job working for a radio station in the Los Angeles area. His pick for the winner of season 12? Antone. “Because he’s young and funny, like me!”
  • Seth and Pete from season 2 looked incredible, have kept off all their weight and are living healthy lifestyles. “Next time FITNESS needs a cover model, you know who to call,” joked Seth, making a muscle.
  • Don and Dan Evans, the twin brothers from season 11, looked fit and trim, and joked and finished each others’ sentences as they enjoyed their meal. Rat bastards? We think not.
  • Tara from season 7 related that she completed her Ironman in Hawaii and is gearing up to do another one in Lake Placid in the spring. Her pick for the winner: John.
  • Jerry and Estella Hayes from season 7 came early and stayed late and looked every bit the fit couple that they were and still are! “We used to be the oldest success stories from Biggest Loser—until this season!” laughed Jerry.

Dan and Don are still as close as they appeared on the show last season.

As dinner wound down, Frado from season 10 put his booming baritone to use to corral everyone together to take a group photo. “He just has to hear himself talk, doesn’t he?” laughed Hannah Ward who was there with her sister Olivia, the winner of season 11 (Hannah was runner up). The powerhouse pair revealed that they have recently signed with an agency.

“We were getting all kinds of offers and we had no idea what to do with them!” said Hannah. “We needed someone to field them for us.”

“Yeah, they’re always too busy to see me,” joked Austin. “They text me when they fly into town, only to tell me they have a meeting and can’t have lunch, then fly out again. They’re so LA!”

As the evening wound down, everyone hugged and exchanged digits, Facebook addresses and emails. Tonight they will sit in the audience and watch as season 12 comes to a close, remembering what it was like when they were up there and welcoming a whole new generation into their family.

For the latest scoop from the sisters who appeared on the FITNESS September 2011 cover, click below.

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Get Gorgeous for the Gym or Any Get-Together: Tips From The X Factor Style Team

Written on December 7, 2011 at 2:39 pm , by

Rock your party—or your fitness class—with these stylin' tips. (Photo by Sara Forrest)

Part of the appeal of many reality shows is picturing yourself as a potential star or competitor…That’s not just me, right? But how do everyday folks get so glam for all of the lights and cameras? On The X Factor, they do so with the help of a style team—a trio of beauty experts who have transformed some of Hollywood’s biggest stars for films, music videos or red carpet events.

We asked each of the members of the dream beauty/fashion team to share a few tricks for looking great anywhere from the gym to the street to a holiday party. (You can also find more pointers on the team’s Facebook page and on Twitter @thestyleteamusa.)

June Ambrose, the fashion guru of The X Factor, celebrity stylist and author of Effortless Style

  • Go ’80s. “I live in the Flashdance look for the gym—a sports bra layered beneath a sweatshirt that falls off the shoulder! Pair that with leggings and leg warmers and you are ready to go while ‘under construction.’”
  • Take some help. When dressing up, “a good foundation is key, no matter how fit you are. I always encourage my clients to wear shapewear. It’s like a petticoat back in the day—a bare necessity.”
  • Look hot for the holidays. “I love playing with lace as a texture. It’s romantic and festive with velvet. Sequin jackets are also great to pair with a dark matte dress, pant or shirt. You’ll look slim with shine on top!”

Ken Paves, the hair guru for The X Factor, A-List hairstylist, coif makeover king for The Biggest Loser and BFF of Jessica Simpson

  • Leave the product at home. “Less is more when you go to the gym. Hair product + sweat = mess! I think Nicole Richie always looks great going to and from the gym. She looks like she means business while staying cute!”
  • Your go-to ‘do from gym to gorgeous. “Apply a little dry shampoo near your roots and pull your hair up in a great ponytail or chignon—high or low—and add a chic headband. Done!”
  • Accept your imperfections. “Jessica [Simpson] was so excited for me when I told her I was doing the X Factor, but we had to laugh because she knows I’m a tortured singer at heart. I just can’t sing!”

Kristofer Buckle, the makeup artist for The X Factor, get-gorgeous pro who has worked with the likes of J. Lo, Mariah and Demi

  • Go fresh-faced…or not. “I am a true makeup advocate! I think it’s important to do what you can to look your best no matter where you go. For the gym, I tell my clients to try just a little concealer around their eyes, waterproof mascara, blush and tinted lip balm.”
  • The big trend: there are no trends (except eyes). “People are following their own personal style instead of forcing trends. What is true to you will never go out of style. Lashes and mascara are big—everyone looks great with more lashes, whether it’s from a great volumizing mascara or individual lashes glued on.”
  • Hands off! “Makeup doesn’t have to be complicated, but keep whatever you do neat. And don’t touch your face…ever!”

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