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Presidential Election

Hot Topic Tuesday: Who’s Your Pick For Fittest President?

Written on October 16, 2012 at 10:15 am , by

This time of year, politicians are known for throwing verbal jabs during heated debates (like the second presidential one taking place tonight). But how do the candidates’ jab-cross kickboxing combos stack up?

Gold’s Gym recently surveyed 4,000 Americans to “exercise their right to vote” for the nation’s fittest president. Click here to learn more about the top 12 nominees, and keep reading to find which five were selected as fittest:

President Harry Truman, voted 12th fittest president, was known for leaving his Secret Service in the dust during daily speed walks! (Image courtesy of Gold’s Gym)

  1. Barack Obama: Our country’s current leader is an avid basketball player who frequently plays pick-up games on the White House tennis court, which he had converted into a half basketball court.
  2. George W. Bush: The second Bush in office is the first president who completed a marathon (he ran one in less than four hours!). He also enjoys cycling.
  3. George Washington: You might not guess that this strong military man was also a stellar dancer!
  4. Theodore Roosevelt: While on a 1,500-mile expedition to help map a South American river, this adventurer challenged his fitness and lost 57 pounds.
  5. Gerald Ford: He could have been a Green Bay Packer or Chicago Bear had politics not been in the picture—he was offered contracts to play with both after playing football on a scholarship at the University of Michigan.

Now tell us: Which commander in chief do you think is/was our country’s best fitness role model? And do you take a candidate’s health habits into account when heading to the voting booth?

One Nation Under Fitness

Written on September 25, 2012 at 3:34 pm , by

Mitts ready! Take a swing at the candidate of your choice in one of the 10 “Campaign Trail” stations. (Photo courtesy of New York Sports Club/Mitchel Gray)

The race of the year is in our midst—the Presidential Election, that is—where two of our nation’s toughest competitors will finally face off. Are you ready? Registration nudge: today is National Voter Registration Day!

We weighed in to see if we were “Fit for Office” at The New York Sports Club with Master Trainer Prince Brathwaite. The class tested our mental, physical and political grit with a full-body circuit that even Paul Ryan would approve of. You, too, can pledge allegiance to this sweat sesh (for free!) starting this week at select Sports Clubs in Philadelphia, New York, Washington D.C. and Boston.

So what’s on the workout ballot? After warming up with a “Primary” routine, prepare for a trip down the “Campaign Trail” with ten 50-second stations including kettlebell “Swing States,” “Donkey Kicks,” “Balance the Budget” bosu ball squats and “Michelle Obama Arm” pushups. Three “Running Mate” moves are next, where you and a partner “Band Together” for bicep presses, back-to-back weighted medicine ball passes and “Cross Party Lines” pushups. Both circuits are repeated before “Stretching the Truth,” a quick cool-down that solidifies the previous 50 minutes of intensity.

Of course, the election-year parody inspired a patriotic playlist, too, that had approval ratings as high as our heart rates. Here are the tunes that had us moving forward, while believing in America.

For more information, check out My Sports Clubs online.