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How to Pick the Perfect Personal Trainer

Written on September 10, 2013 at 10:12 am , by

Maybe it’s the slew of emails and pitches editors get a day, but lately it seems like everyone is an expert at something. That’s far from the case, says Paul Juris, ED. D., executive director of the Cybex Research Institute. Even if the person is certified, there are some critical checkpoints you should look out for when choosing a trainer for your own fitness goals. See what he has to say below.

Oh, and did we mention that Juris used to be the strength coach for the Dallas Mavericks? If there is anyone who knows a thing or two about using personal training to reach your goals, it’s him!

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Meet the Trainer: Keoni Hudoba of Drenched!

Written on August 30, 2012 at 9:20 am , by

Keoni Hudoba, creator of Drenched (Photo courtesy of KeoniKinetics.com)

Nothing spreads faster through word of mouth in the fitness industry than the hot new trainer with a killer workout. And when I heard some chatter about Keoni Hudoba of Keoni Kinetics and his super hot routine I had to be in on the action. I checked out Keoni’s majorly popular Drenched class, taught at 24 Hour Fitness in New York City, and was surprised to see about 60—yes, 60—men and women waiting to enter the studio for his post-work class. After catching a glimpse of the man of the hour I realized not only were women flocking to this sold-out session for the kickbutt workout, but Keoni is pretty sweet on the eyes too. I was hooked.

The 60-minute high-intensity (more like turbo-intensity!) class combines martial arts and plyometrics and feels a bit like a massive choreographed dance once you get the hang of it. By the end of the class I was drenched—hence the moniker—and my muscles were on fire! Who knew working out could be so fun? If you haven’t tried Keoni’s Drenched workout in our July/Aug 2012 issue, check out the video and give it a try yourself. But first, find out all you need to know about our trainer of the month:

You’re from Hawaii—Aloha! What was it like growing up there? I think it’s the best place on Earth! What’s something about Hawaii that tourists don’t know?

Growing up in Hawaii was the most amazing experience. My mother is Hawaiian and my father is Polish. I love anything and everything to do with the outdoors, beach, island lifestyle, and yes I LOVE spam ( don’t tell my clients;)). Something about Hawaii that many tourists misconceive is that we live in huts [LOL], ’til this day I get asked this.

You were overweight growing up, how did that affect your ability to enjoy surfing, biking and all the outdoor activities that Hawaii has to offer?
I was overweight, but to be honest I never let it effect my love for the outdoors, other than wearing a t-shirt on the beach. That has since changed!

What’s the one thing your trainer taught you that’s never left you?
Being overweight was the biggest blessing and curse of my life. I reached my highest highs and my lowest lows while overweight and the transformation to follow. It taught me that if you set your mind to it anything is possible. My trainer taught me that everyone has cheat days; just acknowledge them.

Where did you see life after Hawaii?
Beyond living in Hawaii I thought my only passion was the arts, singing, playing piano, performing. I saw myself performing in huge venues and for tons of audience members. After I was blessed with my transformation, I was doing exactly that. Performing for Disney, Royal Caribbean etc. One day I woke up and asked myself what brought me to this position in my life, and it was fitness. It had changed my life in such a positive way and I knew I had to be involved in some way shape or form in the fitness industry. Now I am here, in the best city in the world, NYC, doing what I love on a different stage. Read more