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partner workouts

Get #FitForLove this Valentine’s Day: Workouts with Your “Sweatie”

Written on February 14, 2014 at 9:06 pm , by

All day on Instagram, we’ve been sharing partner exercises you and your loved one – whether that’s romantic or bestie status – can do together to break a sweat. After all, those who sweat together stay together, and saying, “See ya, I’m off to the gym” is no way to spend your Valentine’s Day. Head there together (the obvious solution) and bust out these exercises from some of our favorite trainers. Then be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fun, fit updates your heart could ever desire!

Lovers Lunges and Passion Push-Ups: Extreme Weight Loss’ Chris and Heidi Powell

Follow them on Instagram: @realchrispowell, @realheidipowell

The married trainers challenge you to get physical with your partner. With a running clock, do as many rounds of 14 lunges, followed by 14 push-ups, as you can in 9 minutes. A kiss at the bottom of those push-ups is optional, but totally recommended.

Lovers Lunges: Stand facing each other with right hands clasped together. Step back with left leg into a lunge, keeping hands clasped. Drive through your front leg to return to starting position, then switch to clasp left hands and lunge back with right leg.

Passion Push-Ups: The stronger partner (1) should lay on the ground facing up with feet together. The other partner (2) will straddle partner 1′s legs and clasp hands. Partner 2 performs a push-up as partner 1 lowers and presses partner 2 back to starting position.

Couple Planks: 20-Minute Body Trainer Brett Hoebel and FlyBarre Instructor Shay Kostabi

Follow them on Instagram: @bretthoebel, @shaykostabi

Partner 1 starts in plank position, the other on hands and knees perpendicular to first partner. Partner 2 brings one leg up to tailbone area (avoid lower back!), then the other leg, until both are up and extended straight. Hold for 1 minute. For an extra sizzle, partner 2 lifts one leg up (shown).

Ain’t No Mountain (Climbers) High Enough: Barry’s Bootcamp Besties Rebecca Kennedy and Patrick Frost

Follow them on Instagram: @barrysbootcamp, @rksolidnyc, @patrickfrost2

Partner 1 lays on bench with soles of feet on bench, hands behind head, chin neutral. Do a sit-up, reaching hands forward. At the same time, partner 2 holds top of partner 1′s feet and does incline mountain climbers. Repeat for one minute; switch positions. And don’t forget a sweaty smooch at the top of your sit-up!

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Get Fit With Your Special Someone This February

Written on February 14, 2013 at 10:07 am , by

Sweat with your sweetie this February for a truly bonding experience (Photo courtesy of NYSC)

We love a nice box of dark chocolate as much as the next girl, but a date to get all hot and sweaty with loved ones on Valentine’s Day? That’s the real way to make us swoon.  Grab your sweetheart and get ready for four heart-racing routines designed to spike your endorphins before segueing into a cuddle sesh after class.

Tough Love: Bars, Bands & Blindfolds Bootcamp – New York Sports Club

If you’re in New York City, head to the 59th and Park Ave location on Thursday at 5:15pm throughout the month to go through four sweat-dripping circuits that will definitely get your, um, blood pumping. We tested the routine ourselves, and before we knew it, they had us tied up, blindfolded and channeling our inner Fifty Shades of Grey characters for 45 minutes.

If you’re not in NYC, check out their schedule to see if there’s a class near you. The best part? It’s free! So there’s really no excuse to not experience this lusty routine yourself. (free; mysportsclubs.com)

Revolve’s Red Hot Rip Ride

All the single ladies, this one’s for you! Head to Revolve, where they’ll celebrate the hot bod you work hard for. Grab a girlfriend for the 7:30pm class and party on a bike with reckless abandon – no men allowed! ($28 per ride; revolvefitness.com)

Aerial Duo: Valentine’s Workshop with Seanna Sharpe

Always want to try the moves acrobats seem to pull off so effortlessly? Now’s your chance. Sharpe has been teaching people to fly for over seven years, and now she wants to help you and your best friend pull off the crazy bends and twists together. Solo but still want to try? No problem: they have options for singles, too. ($40 individuals, $75/duo; omfactorynyc.com)

Detox Your Valentine’s Day – Brooklyn BodyBurn

Get an exclusive sneak peak of one of  Williamsburg’s newest fitness studios and experience sweat for a cause. There’s no entry fee, but organizers are asking for a $5 charitable donation with all proceeds going to New York Cares. After the warm fuzzies make your skin glisten, enjoy appetizers, desserts and smoothie shots with a side of Prosecco to wash it all down. Jonesing for a gift on V-day? Every attendee walks away with a goodie bag. Sweat and swag? These guys know how to take our breath away. ($5 suggested donation, urbandetoxclub.com)

More from FITNESS: Sweat with Your Sweetie at SoulCycle This Valentine’s Day

Sweat with Your Sweetie at SoulCycle This Valentine’s Day

Written on February 11, 2013 at 10:55 am , by

We love a good ride at Soul, then relaxing in their comfy clothes post-sweat! (Photo courtesy of SoulCycle)

Looking for a way to work up a sweat with your main squeeze this Valentine’s Day? Have we got a treat for you. SoulCycle, the Spinning studio taking the country by storm, is cranking the heat with tons of themed rides on the day of love. It’s a great way to catch up on the day and bond with your partner – our fitness editor, Jenna, has a regular weekend SoulCycle date with her hubby!

So grab your sweetheart and get ready to register Monday at noon to nab a bike! If you’re single, no worries – you just might find your soulmate on the bike next to you. Getting active is a great way to find someone with interests similar to yours, and if they’re working out, well, they may be a nice piece of eye candy this holiday.

Wondering which ride you want to raise your heart rate in? These studios are offering plenty to get your blood pumping:

  • East 63rd Street, New York, NY: Grab a seat in the 10:30am ride and indulge in complimentary blowouts from Fix Beauty Bar!
  • ROS, SCA, GWICH, New York, NY: Head over after work for the 7:30pm ride and sweat next to your special someone in the couples date night ride.
  • NOHO, New York, NY: Getting over a breakup? This studio has your back in the Achy Breaky Heart ride at 7:30pm.
  • East 83rd Street, New York, NY: Channel your inner vixen with the Moulin Rouge ride at 7:30pm. Bonus! There’s another ride on Saturday, February 16 at 2:30pm.
  • WEHO, CA: Single but ready to mingle? Hit up the post-valentine’s day singles ride in Cali on February 15 at 7pm.

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