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Muck It Up: Win a Mudderella Ticket for You and Your BFF!

Written on March 21, 2014 at 4:42 pm , by

Spring has sprung—finally!—so it’s time to shed some layers and get down and dirty with your training. Need some fun-spiration? Get your rear in gear with a mud run, like a Mudderella. (Hey, grunge is always in style) Each location’s 5- to 7-mile long obstacle course—the race will host seven U.S. and two U.K. venues this year—strives to empower its female participants to take pride in their strength by putting their daily gym routine to work. Girl power!

“It’s a very social event,” CEO Cristina Devito told us this week. “It’s team-based and not timed. We like to think of it as the new girlfriend getaway!” Check out “Play Dirty!” in our April issue for a training plan, goo-approved gear and more. In need of some mud 101? FITNESS editor Bethany Gumper has the must-know tips and tricks for first-timers. So what are you waiting for? Take the plunge! Win a chance for you and a friend to race in an upcoming Mudderella (plus an Essentials Bundle for each of y’all to sport) by ENTERING HERE.

Photo courtesy of Mudderella.

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Why We’re Totally Hooked on Mud Runs (And You Should Be, Too)

Written on August 16, 2013 at 12:56 pm , by

Fashion Assistant Marla Horenbein and Editorial Assistant,Lauren Cardarelli ran the Rugged Maniac in New Jersey with a few friends!

It’s no surprise that the editors at FITNESS are race junkies. We’ve tackled marathons, gotten our Color Run on, and killed a few triathlons. One thing we hadn’t mastered though – until last month, that is – was mud runs. They’re a bit daunting, totally hardcore and um, hello, dirty! But since we’re not ones to shy away from a challenge, or a little mud, we decided to dive head first into a pit of muddy water (seriously, though), and take on a Rugged Manic course.

Even though we’re still scrubbing mud off of our bodies, trust us when we tell you it was a blast. We scaled nine-foot walls, crawled under barbed wire and hurdled some serious flames. And if that doesn’t sound like enough of a challenge for you, there were 17 other obstacles that totally tested our limits. If we thought we were finishing that race unscathed, we were wrong (we had a few minor cuts, bumps and bruises). But we did come out faster, stronger and just a tad muddier.

Throwing away your clothes and sneaks after a race like that is pretty much a given, so when planning our race day attire, we kind of panicked. Can you blame us for being attached to our spandex?!

Fashion Assistant, Marla Horenbein, hurdling fire!

Our solution? Buy super cheap pieces that we’d be okay tossing after the finish line. We turned to our trusty pals at Forever21 (C9 by Champion for Target is another great, affordable option!) and picked out pieces that would make us look fierce on the course: a white tank so we could see how muddy we got (take before and after pics!); a camouflage bra to channel our inner tough girls; and some black booty shorts because if you’ve got it, why not flaunt it?

As for your treasured sneaks? Leave the good pair at home and wear old ones. Some race organizations (Rugged Maniac is one of them!) will even clean up and donate the sneakers that people get rid of, which we think is totally awesome!

Now that we’ve tested the (muddy) waters, we’re completely hooked on getting our dirty-girl on. With mud runs taking the country by storm, there are tons to choose from, and we’ve already got one in the line-up for the fall. Call us crazy, but mud can totally be sexy.

If you’re as mud run-crazed as we are, tell us about your favorite courses. We’d love to check them out!